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How To Make Velvet Spray Heart Cakes

Date - 3rd July 2017 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating

Velvet Spray

Last week, I was lucky enough to be sent some equipment to try from Silikomart.

One item was a silicone heart shaped cake pan and the other was velvet spray, usually used to decorate desserts such as mousse.

I have never used velvet spray before so thought I’d combine the two items into one video and see how the spray worked on cake.

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Silikomart Silicone Bakeware

I have to address this silicone cake pan first off. I used a basic sponge mix, you can see the recipe here, and I greased each mould with cake release.

I haven’t had good results with silicone bakeware in the past and, as such, I’ve tended to steer clear of it but this Silikomart mould has completely restored my faith!

The cakes practically fell from the mould, they were so smooth and the shape was absolutely perfect! I couldn’t have been more impressed!

Velvet Spray

Velvet Spray

As previously mentioned, I have never used velvet spray before. I’ve seen the effect of it but never been responsible for actually making that effect happen!

I decided I’d just go straight onto the cake and see what happened.

I read that anything that will have velvet sprayed onto it should be frozen, so I froze all my heart cakes beforehand.

Velvet Spray

I then brought the velvet spray up to between 25C and 35C (it’s made of cocoa butter and has to be liquid to be sprayed).

I did this by placing the aerosol into a jug of 30C water and left until the can warmed up.

I then sprayed the velvet onto my frozen cakes, turning my tray as I went to make sure each side was evenly covered.

I really loved how these cakes looked but I wish I had done a crumb coat on the cakes first because I could see the cake texture under the velvet spray. Totally my fault!

The velvet spray on the baking tray made the most perfect velvet texture so I could see how well it would work on a smooth surface. At least I know for next time!

Velvet Spray

My Opinion

I cannot WAIT to use the silicone heart pan again, I have so many ideas for what to do with it and I will most definitely be ordering some more silicone bakeware from Silikomart.

I also have to try the velvet spray on something smooth, probably mousse, and I will absolutely let you know how that goes!

I have more bits to try from Silikomart but these two products have given me a lot of faith in their products! I’ll probably spend the afternoon making a wishlist from their catalogue 😀

You can see everything Silikomart has to offer here.

As always, if you are baking or cake decorating this week, take photos and use #yesdarling on Instagram. I’m going to introduce a weekly shoutout on YouTube, which is super duper exciting!

Have a lovely week and see you next Monday 🙂

Billie xx

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