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How To Make A Unicorn Cake

Date - 5th June 2017 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Tutorial

I knew when I received this unicorn cake order that it would need a unicorn, of course, a rainbow, and some sprinkles!

Here is how I made this unicorn cake.

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Sprinkle Cake Board

Now, I feel like I could just talk about the board on this cake and that would be enough. It’s that special.

You may remember my mention of Baking Time Club in my “It’s Raining Sprinkles” tutorial. One of the other sprinkle mixes I got was ‘Candy Floss’.

Candy Floss sprinkles just happen to be the most perfect sprinkles in the world for a unicorn cake!

I chose to decorate my cake board with these sprinkles by pressing them into soft fondant brushed with piping jelly.


To make sure my rainbow actually looked like a rainbow, I printed a template from Google and traced it onto foam board before cutting it out with a scalpel.

I inserted two cocktail sticks into each side of the bottom of the rainbow template so I could anchor it into the cake.

I then squeezed different coloured paste through my sugar extruder to make semi circular strips.

The strips were stuck to the foam board with water.


To make 3D clouds, I rolled balls of fondant and stuck them to one another. I then rolled a thin piece of florist paste and stuck this over the cloud shape to soften the overall effect.

I stuck the clouds to the cake using water then pushed the rainbow into the cake behind the clouds.

I added some dried flower paste stars into the rainbow and clouds to magic it up a bit.


For the unicorn’s body, I rolled a ball of paste and narrowed it at one end.

For the back leg, I rolled a ball of paste then rolled just one side of it to narrow one end. I flattened the wide end to form a thigh and trimmed the narrow end to the right length for my unicorn body.

I then added a coloured semi-circle to the end of the leg as the hoof.

To make the front legs, I rolled two sausages of paste, narrowed them at one end and stuck them under the front of the body.

I then added a hoof onto each leg as above.

For the head, I rolled an oval of paste and flattened it down. I cut away a third of the head and replaced it with the same shape in coloured paste then indented two nostrils.

I pushed a cocktail stick into the body and pushed the head onto it, using water to attach it to the body.

To make eyes, I indented a smile tool to make my unicorn look like it was sleeping.

For the ears, I rolled two balls of paste into cones and flattened them down, then stuck them to the top of the head with water.

I used a sugar extruder with the fine hair attachment, and pushed marbled paste through it to make the tail, mane and fringe of my unicorn.

For the horn, I rolled a super thin sausage of paste, brushed a cocktail stick with water and wrapped the sausage around it, narrowing it down to a point at the top.

I then pushed the cocktail stick into the head.

I used silver paint to paint the horn, ears and some small shapes on the back thigh of the unicorn.

Finishing Touches

For the letters, I used my Martha Stewart mould and florist paste, then painted them silver.

For the numbers, I used my Cake Star plunger cutters.

I stuck both my numbers and letters to hearts I cut out from flower paste.

If you have a go at making a unicorn, please take photos and use #yesdarling on Instagram so I can see 😀

Billie xx

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