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How To Make A Two Tier Christening Cake

Date - 27th February 2017 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Tutorial

Two Tier Christening Cake

This is a pretty comprehensive tutorial on how to make a two tier christening cake or baby shower cake so there’s a lot of steps for the different techniques used. I will also include affiliate links for the different equipment I used to make this cake.

I’ve started with cakes already covered in fondant. If you need to see how to do this, you can click here.

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Pearl Loops


To make a template, I use till roll. I wrap the till roll around my cake and cut it to the length of the circumference of the cake.

I then fold this in half as many times as I need to get the length of loop that I want and then I cut my loop from the folded till roll.

Before I cut my loop, I fold the paper in half again so I can cut half a loop and it open out to a symmetrical curve. You could also draw around something curved to get your shape.

I then unwrap my paper and wrap it around my cake, securing it with pins.

Using a scribe, I follow my template and score a guideline into the fondant before removing the template.

It’s important the fondant is dry before you do this so you don’t accidentally damage it by handling it.

Piping Pearls

For my pearls, I like to use a plain no. 3 nozzle and a disposable piping bag.

To pipe pearls, you should have your nozzle close to the fondant, but not touching.

Squeeze the bag to form a blob of icing, stop squeezing then pull away. Pat any peaks away with a damp paintbrush.

Repeat to cover all your scored lines. It will help to keep all your pearls the same size if you count whilst piping and get into a rhythm.

Dropped Pearl Detail

To add dropped detail, pipe small lines of pearls coming down vertically from the piped loops.

I do this by eye but you can use anything of a suitable size as a guide to space your pearls.

To add piped hearts, angle your piping bag to the side and pipe a blob, stop squeezing and draw the piping bag away so the tail of the piped blob tapers off.

Repeat this to the other side and your two tapered tails should meet each other to form a heart.

I piped hearts at the bottom of each of my vertical pearl rows.

Two Tier Christening Cake

Stacking A Two Tier Cake

Because this cake is a small two tier cake, I am using clear straws.

I need to find the highest point of my cake so I crouch down and look across the top and put my first dowel in the highest point of my cake (within the space where my top tier will cover).

Once the first straw is in, I use a scribe to pierce the straw a millimetre above the fondant so I know where to cut.

I pull the straw out, cut it the right length and then use it as a measure to cut my other four straws to the same length.

Then I can put my first straw back into the cake and arrange my other four straws so that one is in the centre of the cake and the other four form a square around the central one.

I spread some royal icing over the straws and add my top tier.

Cake Lace Ribbon

For my edible ribbon, I used my Goa mat and pearl cake lace.

I spread cake lace across the mat using the cake lace spreader then baked it for 10 minutes in an oven at 80C.

Once baked, I turned the mat over and gently rolled it back to peel the cake lace from it.

I then cut my cake lace strips in half so I had a flat base to go against my cakes.

To attach the cake lace to the cake, I painted water on the fondant and stuck the cake lace to it.

Cake lace patterns are a repeated pattern so it’s really easy to cut sections from a band if your cake lace strips don’t match exactly.

Fondant Baby Blocks

To make baby blocks, I used fondant mixed with CMC and weighed out 6 chunks of paste, each 30g.

I then shaped each one using my fingers, pressing each side to make a rough, rounded cube.

Once roughly shaped, I pinched each edge to sharpen up the cube and then repeated until I had 6 cubes.

I then cut out letters using white flower paste and clikstix and stuck them to my fondant baby blocks using water.

Piped Detail

To add piped detail to the edges of my baby blocks, I used the same no. 3 nozzle as with the pearls.

I piped a snails trail pattern by holding my nozzle at 45 degrees, squeezing a blob of icing, stopping squeezing, pulling the nozzle along then squeezing again and repeating.

It’s important to pipe the baby block detail in sections so the piping doesn’t get ruined.

I normally do the base first and leave them upside down until the icing firms, then I pipe the vertical edges and finally the top edges once the bottom edges are completely dry.

Two Tier Christening Cake

Fondant Teddy Bear

For my bear’s body, I used fondant mixed with CMC and rolled a ball into a cone shape.

I then inserted a skewer into my cake tier and threaded the body over the skewer.

For legs, I rolled a sausage of paste and cut two lengths. I rolled some of each sausage to narrow it whilst keeping the very end chunkier.

This chunky end formed the foot after I flattened it a little.

I used water to attach both legs to the bears body.

For the arms, I also rolled sausages of paste and left one end slightly wider than the other. I stuck the narrow ends to the shoulder area of the body using water.

The head was a ball of icing threaded onto the skewer (the skewer should be trimmed before you do this so it isn’t poking out the top of the head).


To make the ears, I rolled a ball of paste then flattened into a disc shape and indented in the middle using a ball tool.

I then pulled the edges of the semi-circle around to the bottom and cut them away to narrow the ear a little and re-defined the hollow of the ear with the ball tool.

For the foot pads, I rolled two balls of white and flattened them down to disc shapes and stuck them to the feet.

I then did the same for three small balls of white on each foot to act as little toes.

I rolled one oval of white and flattened it and indented a line down the centre using a tiny palette knife, then stuck it the front of the face.

Using the ball tool, I indented two small eye sockets and a space for the nose to go.

The eyes were made from two small balls of black with two tiny balls of white as highlights.

The nose was a ball of brown pinched into a triangle shape with the point towards the bottom. This was stuck in the nose socket using water.

For the finishing touch of the bear, I made a pink gingham ribbon bow and attached it the bear’s neck using royal icing.

Finishing Touches

Once the bear was finished, I attached my baby blocks around the bear, using royal icing.

I also added some extra white piped hearts to the top tier in exactly the same way as the piped hearts from the bottom tier.

The piped message on the board was piped using a plain no 2 nozzle and the key to nice, neat piping is to lift the nozzle clear of the fondant to allow it to flow and lay cleanly.

Piping a message is really a tutorial all on its own so if you’d like that, let me know in the comments.

To attach ribbon to a cake board, I use double sided tape and for this cake, I used the same pink gingham ribbon I used for the bear’s bow to pull the two tier Christening cake design together.

As always, if you’re baking or making anything this week, use #yesdarling on Instagram so I can see what you’re up to 🙂

Billie xx

Two Tier Christening Cake

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1st March 2017 at 7:24 am / Bobbie / Write:

Thank you so much for this tutorial. You make it look so simple, but, for a hobby baker making cakes for family celebrations, less scary and achievable. THANK YOU x

1st March 2017 at 7:44 am / Billie / Write:

Oh Bobbie, thank you so much! You are more than welcome, I’m glad it’s a help 🙂 Billie xx

13th March 2017 at 2:26 pm / Claire Petitt / Write:

Absolutely beautiful! I always get in a mess when try to make a figure or doing anything in fondant but this is so neat. I love the choice of colours and the building blocks. Such a clear tutorial!

13th March 2017 at 7:30 pm / Billie / Write:

Oh thank you so much, Claire! That’s really nice, I’m glad it’s clear 🙂 Just keep with it with fondant and modelling and it’ll gradually get tidier. I wish I had photos of my earlier figures to show you, they were all horrendous haha xx

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