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How To Make A Sprinkle Rain Cake

Date - 1st May 2017 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Tutorial

This week, I received my first ever sprinkle box from Baking Time Club and, of course, I had to make something with them immediately!

The pack of sprinkles I chose to use is called ‘Rainbows For Days’, which I bloody love, and it made me thinking of doing a sprinkle rain cake.

I had my square cake from my last ProFroster tutorial to use so I got to work on covering that first.

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Covering My Cake

I always use Massa Ticino to cover my cakes, it’s my favourite fondant in the world and so lovely to use, especially with square cakes where fondant can tear or crack more easily.

Covering square cakes takes patience and not panicking! Lift each pleat out and press small sections of fondant onto the cake.

I prefer to start at the corners and then do the sides in between but, to be honest, I end up going back and forth anyway.

The key is to do it bit by bit and use the excess fondant that you have. Don’t pull down on the fondant, lift everything towards the cake so you have as much as possible to work with.

Once my fondant is on, I use smoothers to sharpen the edges of my cake by pinching along every edge.

I then use my cranked palette knife to trim away excess fondant to leave a neat edge at the base of my cake.

Making My Cloud

To make my cloud, I rolled out flower paste and cut a freehand cloud shape using a cutting wheel.

Of course, you can print out a template and use that to cut around.

I left my cloud on foam to firm up and drew on a face using a black PME edible pen.

I also dusted on some little pink cheeks using a Rainbow Dust pink dust.

I stuck two skewers to the back of my cloud using royal icing and allowed it to dry completely.

Making My Raindrops

For my raindrops I cut freehand teardrop shapes from flower paste using a cutting wheel.

Again, you could use a template.

I then painted one side of each one with water and dipped them into a bowl of my ‘Rainbows For Days’ sprinkles, and let them dry.

Once everything was dry, I pushed my cloud into my cake and stuck my sprinkle raindrops to the front of the skewers using royal icing.

I then poured a puddle of sprinkles underneath my cloud and stuck the rest of the raindrops to the front of my cake before adding a border of sprinkles at the base of my cake.

I did this by painting water at the base of my cake, then spreading sprinkles along there using my hand.

I think this is such a fun, cutesy cake!

If you do any baking or cake decorating this week, be sure to take photos and use #yesdarling on Instagram so I can see 🙂

Billie xx

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