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The Ultimate Buttercream Recipe

Date - 21st August 2016 / Author - Billie / Category - Cupcakes, Recipes

Buttercream Recipe Blog

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t love buttercream?

I’ve met lots of people who don’t like fondant. I’m actually one of those people! Ironic, I know.

If I have a piece of a cake, I will peel the icing off and discard it. Contrary to my 8 year old self’s norm of eating alllll the icing and leaving the cake.

Buttercream on the other hand…

Who can resist having a little taste of a bowl of freshly made, fluffy buttercream?

If you see a golden vanilla cake bursting with layers of light vanilla filling and it’s squeezing from the sides of the cake, how can you help but want to wipe a finger along and taste a big scoop of buttercream?

We do resist though because it’s frowned upon in every circumstance.

This one is red velvet and doesn’t it look extra appetising against the white cloud of buttercream?

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I’m going to show you how to make buttercream so good that resisting a test dip will be near impossible.


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I use this buttercream for every version of my cakes. I use it to fill large cakes, crumb coat large cakes, pipe onto cupcakes, and for a gorgeous buttercream finish on wedding cakes. I use this single recipe for all my buttercream needs!


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Whilst the recipe looks pretty standard, the reason this recipe is so good is the method. Follow it to a T and you cannot go wrong!

I have included the recipe to make enough buttercream to fill and apply two crumb coats to an 8″ round cake. To see how to fill and crumb coat a cake click here.

Halve the recipe to make enough to pipe 12 generous swirls on cupcakes. You may have some left over. This can be frozen and re-beaten once it’s brought back to room temperature. To see how to bake a Classic English Vanilla Cupcake, click here and if you want to learn how to pipe a two tone swirl, click here.


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Some important notes:

  • It is essential you use the right butter. You need block butter, which usually comes in foil or paper wrapping. Spreadable butter or margarine will not do! The buttercream will be far too soft. Block butter is a must!
  • I use salted butter because salt is a flavour enhancer and I’m not a fan of buttercream that is too sickly sweet. Whether your butter is salted or unsalted won’t affect the consistency of the buttercream, just the taste, so go with what you prefer.
  • Ensure your butter is room temperature. It must be soft before you start mixing.
  • A stand mixer will make mixing this buttercream a doddle. It can be made using a hand mixer but it may take a bit longer and be a little messier. I am a Kenwood gal, mine has seen me through some tough times and until it lets me down I will always stick by it, regardless of how gorgeous Kitchen Aids are. Tempting though. Only joking Ken!


A note on mixers:

I have owned both a Kenwood Chef and a Major.

If you are considering investing in a large mixer I would strongly recommend you go for the larger capacity one, the Major. The Chef (4.6L bowl) is okay to start with but it is for small batch baking. I had to upgrade mine to a Major (6.7L bowl) because the Chef couldn’t even take one of my 12″ cake mixes.

This is the affiliate link for my beautiful, faithful Kenwood Major

and this is the one for smaller Kenwood Chef

And if you need to physically fall in love with a mixer before you buy it then Kitchen Aid is probably the one for you- it’s all about the visual appeal of the spectrum of colours Kitchen Aid offer. I have never used a Kitchen Aid so can’t offer a review of them but I know of a few baking pros who use them and love them.


The Ultimate Buttercream Recipe
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Servings Prep Time
1 8" round cake, filling and crumb coats 12 minutes
Servings Prep Time
1 8" round cake, filling and crumb coats 12 minutes
The Ultimate Buttercream Recipe
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
1 8" round cake, filling and crumb coats 12 minutes
Servings Prep Time
1 8" round cake, filling and crumb coats 12 minutes
  • 500 g block butter (I use salted butter, always)
  • 1 kg icing sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (Nielson Massey is top notch)
  1. Ensure your butter is at room temperature and add it to your stand mixer. Add in your icing sugar and your vanilla.
  2. If your stand mixer has a guard, make sure this is on because there will be a cloud of icing sugar erupting and descending on you and everything in your lovely kitchen.
  3. Turn your mixer onto it's lowest speed and mix until everything starts coming together. You will know this is happening because the mixer will sound as if it's starting to struggle a bit.
  4. Once everything is just combined, turn the mixer up onto medium speed and beat for 7-8 minutes more. You may want to scrape everything down half way through to ensure there is no unmixed butter or icing sugar sitting at the bottom of the bowl.
  5. After the 8 minutes you should be left with a bowl of the fluffiest white, most delicious buttercream. You can use it in cakes and on cupcakes straight away.
  6. Buttercream can be stored in your fridge for as long as the date on your butter, or it can be frozen if you wrap it well and keep it in freezer bags.
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Buttercream Tutorial Blog 1


Don’t forget, there are more tutorials waiting for you.

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To see how to pipe a two tone swirl (or it’s the same piping method for normal buttercream swirls) you can click here.

If you’re more into big cakes then you can see how to split and fill a cake with buttercream and how to add a crumb coat here.

Let me know what you make with this Ultimate Buttercream Recipe!

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Billie xx

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