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The ProFroster with Ganache

Date - 10th April 2017 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Easter

profroster ganache

Following on from last week’s tutorial for how to use The ProFroster with buttercream, I got a LOT of requests for a video to show how to use it with ganache.

I’m not a natural ganacher…

Every time I make white chocolate ganache, it splits.

Every. Time.

What an opportunity for a ganache troubleshoot though!

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How To Make White Chocolate Ganache

I always use three parts white chocolate to one part cream so for this cake, a 6″ cake, I used 400ml double cream and 1200g white chocolate.

This was too much and next time I’d do 333ml double cream and 1kg white chocolate.

The chocolate and cream should be stirred together then melted in 1 minute bursts in the microwave (30 seconds if you’re doing a smaller quantity).

Stir after each burst until all the chocolate is almost melted.

When there are just a few drops of chocolate left, try to stir them to melt them and only if that doesn’t work, add it back into the microwave for 10 seconds at a time until all the chocolate is melted.

Leave your ganache to cool and firm up slightly, we want this to be a spreadable consistency.

If your ganache splits, like mine always does, then don’t fret. It can be fixed!

Add a little more double cream to your ganache and mix through. You can either use a spatula or a hand mixer.

It will miraculously bring your ganache back together again.



ProFroster Ganache

How To Cover A Cake In Ganache

I always start the covering part of my cakes by doing a thin crumb coat to contain any cake crumbs and to even out the overall shape of the cake.

Once this coat is on, I chill it in the freezer for about 10 minutes but with ganache, you could leave it at room temperature and it would firm up eventually.

I then add a thick layer of ganache and go at it with my ProFroster.

I work in short sections, scraping the excess away and cleaning my scraper in between.

If there are any patches of ganache that are a bit sparse, I’ll add more on and continue to work around with my scraper.

Look at the straight sides and sharp edges it leaves! I couldn’t love it more than I do!!

You can see and buy The Pro Froster here – from the US.

You can see and buy The Pro Froster here – from the UK.

ProFroster Ganache

How To Make An Easter Basket Cake

To turn this cake into an Easter basket, I rolled out some pink fondant and cut lots of little rectangles from it using a ruler and a pizza wheel.

I used water to attach these to my cake, laying them in a brick formation.

At the top I added a rope of paste, made from twisting two sausages of fondant together, and I attached this with water.

I added some CMC to my fondant and rolled a sausage, which I cut into three sections, plaited and left to dry in a curve.

This was my basket handle. It was left to dry and attached to the cake with water once it had completely dried.

I added some brown dust between each of my rectangles to add some depth and interest to the pattern rather than having flat rectangles.

The final touch was to fill my basket. I filled mine to the brim with Mini Eggs but you could use any Easter treats and flowers to fill yours.

If you use The ProFroster or make an Easter Basket cake, make sure you take photos and use #yesdarling on Instagram 🙂

Billie xx

ProFroster Ganache

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