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Night Before Christmas Cake Tutorial

Date - 5th December 2016 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Christmas, Tutorial

Night Before Christmas Cake

‘Twas the night before Christmas,

and all through the house,

not a creature was stirring,

not even a… oh…

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How To Make A Night Before Christmas Cake

The following post includes instructions and some affiliate links for where you can get the equipment and materials I used.

For my cake, I used 4 x 6″ round cakes, sandwiched together with buttercream and covered with Massa Ticino.

Click here to see, in detail, how to cover a cake.

To get the blue sky effect, I used Sugarflair Navy paste colour mixed with strong alcohol to make a paint.

I applied this to the cake using a large, puffy make up brush, stippling the paint onto the fondant.

Once dry, I used the amazing shooting stars stencil by Evil Cake Genius with some royal icing to print a starry pattern onto my cake.

The Cake Board

To razz up the cake board, I first iced it in plain white, then brushed it all over with some piping gel and sprinkled it with glitter.

The piping gel sets and dries, holding the glitter in place and adding a fab Christmas sparkle to a Night Before Christmas Cake.

Super important side note… actual glitter isn’t classed as edible in the UK so we can’t put it on our cakes but, as far as I know, no one ever eats the board… so glitter away!

Night Before Christmas Cake

The Stirring Mouse

The Body

Roll a ball of paste and narrow at one end to make a teardrop shape. The large end will be the bottom of the body.

Indent a belly button using a sugarshaper.

The Paws

Roll a ball of paste and cut in half. Roll each piece into a cone shape and flatten.

Attach to the front of the body, wide end upwards.

For toe pads, roll 3 small balls of pink and attach to each paw.

For foot pads, roll 2 small cones of pink paste, flatten and attach to each paw under the toe pads.

The Bowl

Use something curved to give a bowl shape, I used a polystyrene ball to push my paste onto then trimmed away the excess to leave a straight top edge to my bowl.

Later on you can add ‘ingredients’ to your bowl using whatever you wish. I crushed up a biscuit and added that.

Maybe your mouse could be making his own Night Before Christmas Cake…

The Arms

Roll a sausage of paste and cut two sections.

Roll gently to form a wrist then flatten the paw end and the shoulder end before bending in the middle to form an elbow.

Use water or sugar glue to attach to the body and rest where you would like them, using cling film to support them if need be.

Use a scalpel or mini palette knife to indent finger marks.

The Spoon

Roll a sausage of dark brown paste leaving one end wider. Flatten the wide end a little then indent with a ball tool to create the curved spoon shape.

Use water or sugar glue to stick the spoon between the paws and rest in the bowl.

The T-shirt

Roll a ball of paste then flatten down, concentrating on the edges to thin them out.

Lay over the top of the body, pressing onto the front and back of the body.

Use a dresden tool to push the paste into the crease between the arm and the body to give the appearance that it is a t-shirt.

Night Before Christmas Cake

The Head

Roll a ball of paste then roll between fingers about half way up the head to narrow the top part of the head, leaving the bottom half chubby.

Use your fingers to draw out a nose and shape two round cheeks. This will take some time pulling and prodding the paste and may even take several re-dos before you’re happy with the final shape.

Use a cocktail stick or skewer through the body to push the head onto.

The Mouth

Use a dresden tool to mark a mouth just under the nose. You may want to have an open mouth, or a closed mouth. Play around with different expressions you can create with the dresden tool.

The Nose

Roll a ball of pink paste and stick to the end of the nose.

The Eyes

Roll a ball of paste and flatten. Cut in half and stick a semi circle to each side of the face.

Roll two thin sausages of dark brown or black paste and stick to the lash line.

Roll two more small sausages and attach further up the head as the eyebrows.

The Ears

Roll two balls of brown paste and flatten to form discs. Repeat with pink paste but use smaller amounts of paste to yield thinner discs.

Attach the pink discs to the brown discs.

Use a ball tool to make indented ‘sockets’ in the side of the head for the ears to slot into.

Pinch one side of each ear down into a point and stick in the sockets.

Indent three small lines to accentuate the fold effect using a dresden tool.

The Hair

Roll small sausages of paste and narrow at one end. Stick to the top of the head until you have as much hair as you want.

The Hat

Use extra supports for the hat if need be.

Roll a disc of white and attach to the head.

Roll a cone of red, curve over and attach to the white disc, then add a white pom pom ball to the point of the hat.

Don’t Forget

– The tail!!! I can’t believe I forgot to add a tail to my mouse!! Roll a thin sausage of paste and attach the bottom of your mouse.

Don’t let your mouse go tail-less this Christmas!

– To add dust! Adding a little bit of rosy blush to your mouse’s cheeks, nose and ears makes all the difference and adds heaps of personality!

Wooden Floor

For the wood effect, emboss brown paste with a wood embosser then cut out a circle to fit within the diameter of your cake.

Trim away some of the floorboards to keep the wood from just looking like a cut disc.

Attach to the top of your Night Before Christmas Cake using some water then add your mouse and attach with some water or royal icing.

Finish the board with a band of ribbon.

Billie xx

Night Before Christmas Cake


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