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Modern Engagement Cake Tutorial

Date - 16th January 2017 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Tutorial

Modern Engagement Cake

How To Make Stone Fondant

Stone and marble fondant effects are a huge trend right now and are so perfect for modern cakes!

The following instructions are for stone fondant. If you would prefer marble, just use much less grey.

I’ve also included affiliate links for the most important products but if you need to know where to get anything else, feel free to ask away.

To make stone fondant, add small amounts of black fondant to chunks of white fondant and knead until marbled but not blended.

Roll each marbled chunk into a sausage shape.

Take two more chunks of white fondant and roll each into a sausage shape.

Place the four sausages of fondant next to each other and twist together.

Continue to twist and fold until there are no large parts that are just white, or just grey.

Give your fondant a small knead to bring it together into a ball and roll out on cornflour.

Lay over your cake and smooth out using smoothers.

Click here to see detailed instructions on how to cover a cake with fondant.

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How To Make A Diamond Topper

To make my diamond topper for my modern engagement cake, I used a template, which you can get by clicking here.

I cut out my template and then cut out the detail from the middle using a scalpel and a cutting mat.

To make my diamond, I rolled out flower paste quite thickly then used my template and scalpel to cut out the diamond outline.

I dipped my blade into shortening between every cut to make sure my scalpel didn’t get stuck in my paste and distort the shape.

The diamond should be left to dry before it is painted.

How To Make Edible Rose Gold Paint

I love Rolkem Gold for painting anything gold and it makes the perfect base for rose gold.

To get the rose tint, I added a dark pink dust, specifically Squires Kitchen Poinsettia but any dark pink will do the job.

In order to turn the dust into a paint, I add a very strong white alcohol called Spirytus Rektifikowany and mix it until a smooth edible paint is formed.

If your paint seems chunky, add a little more alcohol. If it is very runny and weak, add some more dust.

When you paint your diamond, the alcohol will evaporate off very quickly to leave just the colour behind.

Modern Engagement Cake

How To Make Cake Silhouettes

The silhouette mat I used is this city one by SilhoCake. You can also get it as a bundle with the black Silho Cake mix to make actual black silhouettes.

For mine, I wanted my silhouettes to match my rose gold diamond and for that, Claire Bowman Cake Lace in ‘Bronze’ worked perfectly!

To make the silhouettes, I used my cake lace spreader knife to spread my bronze cake lace onto my Silho Cake mat, just over the shapes I wanted.

It’s important to fill every part of the shape and to scrape away any excess from the edges so you end up with nice clean lines.

The cake lace can be dried by either leaving it overnight or by putting it in the oven at 70 or 80C for 15 minutes.

When using the oven method, the cake lace will need to be left to cool when it comes out of the oven.

The mat can be turned over and carefully peeled backwards allowing the shapes to be released.

If the shapes are tricky to get out, it can help to use either a palette knife or cake lace spreader to ease them out.

Be cautious if using a palette knife because the cake lace can be fragile.

Decorating The Cake

To finish off my modern engagement cake, I wanted my silhouettes on the front of the cake and my diamond topper to be standing upright on top of the cake.

To attach silhouettes to the cake, water can be painted either onto the backs of the silhouettes, or directly onto the cake, and then the silhouettes can be pressed onto the cake.

NB. If painting water onto the back of the silhouettes, take care not to soak the cake lace because it will start to get very soft very quickly and become difficult to handle.

To make the diamond stand upright, I positioned it where I wanted it to be on the cake then lined up two cocktail sticks against two sections of the diamond.

I pushed the cocktail sticks into the cake then put some royal icing onto the front of the cocktail sticks and pressed the diamond onto the front of the cocktail sticks.

Because I lined the cocktail sticks up with the diamond beforehand, they can’t be seen at all from the front of the cake.

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Billie xx

Modern Engagement Cake

Fondant Diamond Cake Topper

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