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Mirror Glaze Cake Tutorial

Date - 10th July 2017 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Tutorial

Mirror Glaze Cake

Mirror Glaze Cake

Just a tad behind on the mirror glaze cake trend but I was scared!

I was intimidated by mirror glaze until I saw Curtis from Acorn Bakes do a mirror glaze tutorial.

He simplified it right down and made it look SO easy so I thought I’d get some gelatine and condensed milk and give it a go!

NOTE- I do not swear in this video. During the Instagram shoutouts I say “she’s done the frickin’ American flag inside the cake” and some people have thought I’ve dropped the ‘f’ word in there, which I would never do!

I’m so sorry it sounds dodgy but it’s definitely NOT  a swear 🙂

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You can see the full recipe and method from Acorn Bakes right here.

Mirror Glaze

For my glaze, I was inspired by my Bubblegum Rave sprinkles from Baking Time Club.

If you don’t know, I have a subscription with Baking Time Club where I receive a box of sprinkles every month and it’s the BEST POST EVER!

Inside June’s box was the Bubblegum Rave pack of sprinkles and you guys chose it as your favourite on Instagram stories, which brings us to this tutorial.

To match my mirror glaze cake to my sprinkles, I used Colour Splash Raspberry, Rainbow Dust Sky Blue, and Sugarflair Liquorice to get three different colours of glaze.

I then poured my black glaze over my frozen cake and drizzled my pink and blue glaze over the cake with a spoon.

Mirror Glaze Cake

I used my long palette knife to pull over the top of the cake to blend the colours and even off my glaze.

After thirty minutes of dripping, I used a sharp knife around the base of the cake to remove any remaining drippy bits.

Mirror Glaze Cake

The last thing to do was to add my sprinkles so I heartily sprinkled a crescent/ apostrophe of Bubblegum Rave sprinkles over my cake.

Once again, you can see Acorn Bakes’ mirror glaze cake recipe here!

If you’d like to see the Baking Time Club sprinkles (and you should!) you can click here!

If you are baking or cake decorating this week, be sure to take photos and use #yesdarling on Instagram so we can all see each other’s photos 😀

Billie xx

Mirror Glaze Cake

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