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How To Make Mini Cauldron Cakes

Date - 10th October 2016 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Halloween, Tutorial

Mini Cauldron Cakes

We are a step closer to Halloween and it’s time for another Halloween tutorial! Less gruesome than my Buttercream Brain Cupcakes but still most definitely suited to Halloween, here are my Mini Cauldron Cakes. I’ve included some affiliate links if you want to see any of the equipment use.

Preparing the Mini Cauldron cakes

Use a Wilton Half Ball Pan to bake semi-spheres of cake and leave the cakes to cool completely. Trim the top of each dome away so that, when turned upside-down, they will sit flat.

Work on the cakes upside-down to how they will be when they are finally cauldrons- the bottom of the cauldrons will be iced. Crumb coat your cakes by adding a thin layer of buttercream all over the domed part of the cake, then cover with a layer of black fondant.

Smooth the fondant over using your hands and trim the excess paste away using a pizza wheel, leaving approximately 1cm of fondant around the edge of the cake to be folded over later on.

Adding the Top and Rim

Turn the cakes over and cover the flat top of the cakes in a thin layer of buttercream. Fold the excess fondant over onto the top edge of the cake.

Roll out some black fondant to a chunky thickness to make the rim of the cauldron. Take a circle cutter the same size as the cake and cut out a circle. Take another circle cutter 10-15mm smaller than the first and cut away a circle from inside your large circle to leave a rim of paste.

Paint some water onto the folded edge of fondant on the cakes and stick the rim to the cake, pressing down lightly to ensure the rim has stuck. Rub gently around the edge of the fondant to smooth away any sharpness.

Roll out some white fondant thinly and cut out a circle using the smaller of the two cutters used above. Press this in the middle of the cauldron rim to cover up the buttercream underneath.

To add handles, roll small sausages of black fondant and stick to the sides of the cakes using a little water. Press each end of the sausages gently to taper off the handles.

Mini Cauldron Cakes

Adding the Potions

Sweetie Darling Potion

“Eye of newt,

careful, it’s smelly,

a drop of colour,

and some piping jelly!”

Piping jelly is the key ingredient when it comes to a great potion. Add concentrated paste colours to colour your potions any colour you like, marble two colours together to create a great effect and even add glitter to make a really magical potion to go in your mini cauldron cakes.

Use 1-1.5tsp piping jelly per cake and, once coloured, spoon the piping jelly inside the rims of the mini cauldron cakes taking care not to overfill.


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