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How To Make Mehndi Cupcakes

Date - 23rd January 2017 / Author - Billie / Category - Cupcakes

Mehndi Cupcakes

To be given the design brief of ‘Mehndi cupcakes in bright, girly colours’ is an actual dream!

Mehndi, or Henna, patterns are some of the most beautiful patterns I’ve ever seen.

Traditionally, they are super complex but they can be simplified for Mehndi cupcakes and still look amazing.

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Fondant Mehndi Cupcake Toppers

I used a very pale pastel pink fondant for my cupcake toppers and cut out circles slightly smaller than the diameter of my cupcake cases.

Any size circle will do as long as it’s either the same size as your cupcake, or smaller, just not larger.

I piped my Mehndi designs onto my fondant with royal icing coloured with Americolor gel colours.

Click here to see how to make royal icing in under 5 minutes.

Alternatively, you can buy a royal icing mix in the supermarket and just add water.

Mehndi Cupcakes

How To Pipe

To pipe nice clean lines, the nozzle should be lifted above the surface of the fondant.

If you draw the nozzle along the fondant, the lines will be shaky and uneven. Lifting it high gives a much cleaner line of icing.

To pipe dots, hold the nozzle close to the surface of the fondant, squeeze until your dot is the size you want. Stop squeezing before pulling the nozzle away.

Only pull the nozzle away after you have stopped squeezing completely.

To pipe teardrop shaped beads, pipe a dot, stop squeezing then use the nozzle to drag the bottom half of the dot towards yourself.

This will taper the dot down into a teardrop shape.

If you are left with any spiky peaks on your piping, use a damp paintbrush to pat them away.

You will have to do this whilst the icing is soft. If it dries spiky, it will stay spiky!

The Trick To Symmetry

The best way to get a symmetrical pattern when piping free hand is to work in opposite directions with the design.

If I am piping a flower, I will pipe a petal, then turn the topper 180 degrees and pipe a petal directly opposite the first.

I will then come 90 degrees between the two and pipe another petal on each side before filling in the gaps.

This enables me to get a much neater and more even pattern without the need for a template.

That being said, it can also be really helpful to use cutters or templates as guides, particularly if a shape is tricky or it has to be completely perfect, ie. a circle.

It is really difficult to freehand pipe a perfect circle- I actually wouldn’t even attempt it!

Instead, I press a circle cutter lightly into my fondant to leave myself a guide line to follow. This makes piping circles a thousand times easier and more enjoyable!

Mehndi Cupcakes

Mehndi Designs

Google is full of examples of Mehndi patterns.

You can either use them as inspiration and go freehand with your toppers, or use them as inspiration and make some of your own templates.

If you don’t want to make a template but you’re not confident enough to go freehand, use different cutters to emboss a pattern to follow.

You can use different coloured icing and diffferent piping techniques to create the most beautiful Mehndi designs.

Once your toppers are dry, just push them onto a cupcake freshly piped with a buttercream swirl and you have Mehndi cupcakes!

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Billie xx

Mehndi Cupcakes

Mehndi Cupcakes

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