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How To Make A Luggage Wedding Cake

Date - 15th May 2017 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Tutorial

Suitcase, or luggage, cakes are so much fun to make! Here is my tutorial on how to make a luggage wedding cake, including affiliate links for the equipment that I use.

The Cakes

My cakes were 8″ x 5″, 10 x 7″, and 12″ x 9″ – a 2″ gap between each tier.

Two tiers had to be brown fondant and the middle tier had to be ivory. For all tiers, I used Massa Ticino because it’s LIFE.

To see how to split, fill and crumb coat a cake in detail, click here.

My suitcases had to be distressed so I didn’t really need to go hard on smoothing, nevertheless, I am addicted to the smooth so I used my smoothers to buff away any marks and sharpen up all the edges on my rectangle cakes.

I then indented a line, where the cases would open, across the front and sides of my cakes using a ruler.


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Adding Distressing

To distress my cases, I need to add a deeper colour to my cakes.

For my brown cakes, I mixed Sugarflair Woodland Brown with alcohol and brushed it all over my fondant. For my ivory tier, I did the same but with Sugarflair Autumn Leaf.

Before I started really adding the distressed effect, I also added strips of ivory fondant to my cakes to make luggage straps.

I added two small rectangles to the bottom of each case at the front. I then cut two longer strips, with a point at one end, and attached these to my cakes with water, overlapping the shorter rectangles at the front of the cake.

Using a small ball tool, I indented four holes into the front of each strap.

I added buckle detail by rolling a very thin strip of fondant, folding it into a part rectangle shape and sticking it to the straps.

I then added a tiny sausage of paste, coming from one of the holes and folding over the buckle. For added effect, I painted all the buckle detail dark brown with Woodland Brown.

To add real distressing, I used a dresden tool to make indents into the fondant as if the suitcase had been knocked and damaged.

I also used a brown and black edible dust to add shading all over the cake and in the smaller details of the cake.



Leather Accents

For the leather corners, I cut circles from fondant and stuck one to each top corner.

I then cut two circles in half and attached a semi-circle to each bottom corner.

Each one was then painted dark brown to resemble leather.

The handles were made from sausages of fondant, cut and folded into a part rectangle shape.

I used a stitch tool, cutting wheel and dresden tool to add detail to the handles before dusting them with the same brown and black dusts I used on the cakes.

Stacking The Cakes

To dowel my cakes, I used clear plastic straws but you can use whichever dowels you’re most comfortable with.

I inserted a straw into the highest point of each cake and cut it just above the fondant. Then I cut four more straws to the same height and pushed them into the cake- one in the middle and four in a square formation around the centre dowel.

When it comes to stacking, I spread royal icing over my dowels and use a palette knife to gently lower each tier onto one another.

You can see the finished cake here…

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Billie xx

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