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Individual Tiffany Parcel Cakes Tutorial

Date - 18th July 2016 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Tutorial

In this video tutorial I show you how to make Individual Tiffany Parcel Cakes. I recently made 40 of these for a wedding and I loved them!!!! Well, no, I didn’t love them whilst I was doing them but after… YEAH I loved them!!

Here is the video for how to make these with some written instructions and affiliate links if you would like to buy any of the bits I use.

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I started here with a 9″ square cake in order to get 16 mini cakes from it. If I’d used an 8″ cake I risked the cake shrinking away from the edges of the tin and not quite having enough cake left to get the number of mini cakes I needed.

I used a cake leveller to level my cake then cut easily and evenly through the middle of the cake twice to add two layers of filling- lemon curd and vanilla buttercream for this one.

You can get the cake leveller I use here in the UK and here in the US.

Like I’ve said before, if you have the cash to splash and you are serious FO REAL about cake decorating, the Agbay is THE cake leveller on my wish list big time!

Once filled, I trimmed away my edges that I didn’t need (because I baked a 9″ cake when I only need 8″ of it) and used a ruler to measure 2″ across in each direction. Then taking a clean sharp knife I cut my big cake into lots of small cakes.

You then need to complete the task of adding a crumb coat to each cake. My feeling about this is UGGGGGGHHHHHH. I kept wearily looking at the cakes left thinking HOW are you still here. Why isn’t it over?! You need need need soft buttercream for this. Firm buttercream will get you nowhere but sitting, weeping into your cake crumby buttercreamy hands. If you need help with a buttercream recipe, mine is here. It’s soft, which we like for mini cakes, yes!

When each cake has a lovely crumb coat, you can start your covering! I used Renshaw Duck Egg Blue and added Sugarflair Turquoise and Sugarflair Party Green to make that real Tiffany blue colour.

The Renshaw paste is here in the UK and here in the US.

Sugarflair Turquoise in the UK is here and in the US it’s here.

Sugarflair Party Green in the UK is here and in the US it’s here.

Roll out enough fondant for one cake- its a ‘one-cake-at-a-time’ jobby I’m afraid.  Lay your fondant over your cake and ease out any pleats and creases. If you want to see a detailed video on how to do this then click to see my other tutorial here.

Smoothers are essential to get a clean and crisp finish. I like smoothers with a straight edge at both ends. These are the ones I use from the UK but these Cake Boss smoothers in the US look perfect! Word of warning, smoothers tend to come solo and I ALWAYS use two. Check before you buy and if you’re only getting one, add two to your basket!

Be cautious with your smoothing. You can buff out any marks and pinch the edges to sharpen them to make them look more ‘box-like- but go easy. It’s a small cake so treat it well.

Skip forward (to when you wish you’d never started but you’re grateful for life after icing a million individual cakes) to when all your cakes are covered and you can add your ribbons. This is where I think it gets super fun. The long hard road of the foundations are done and now it’s decorating time, which is the best bit isn’t it? Roll out some white paste, if you don’t have Massa Ticino or another strong fondant then I would use gum paste or flower paste.

You can get Massa Ticino here in the UK and here in the US.

For your ribbon sections, measure your cake and cut strips of white the correct length then stick them to your cakes using a little water or sugar glue (I use water). Stick one in one direction and the other in the opposite direction to form a cross over the cake. If either end is too long, use a scalpel to trim away the excess.

For the bows I used my Massa Ticino again and my amazing Jem Bow Cutters. Roll your paste thinly and press the cutter in and rub backwards and forwards on the surface so you know the paste has been cut through cleanly. Turn the cutter over and use your thumb or finger to get rid of any rough sections. Discard the spare paste between the useful sections then use a scribe to lift a corner of each piece and peel from the cutter.

Use a little water to attach your bow tails to your cake, then some water on the main bow section (fold each end to the middle to create the loops) and finally use some water to stick the middle section to the bow to cover where your loops join. Done! Easy peasy beautiful bows!

There are two sets of Jem Bow Cutters available, one is a small set and one is a large set. The size I used for these cake was the middle one of the large set, but I own both sets and use them equally.

In the UK, the small set is here and the large set is here, and in the US the small set is here, and the large set is here.

If you need a scribe, it is here in the UK and here in the US.


Individual Tiffany Parcel Cake Tutorial

I really hope that helps but if you have any questions at all then please ask away in the comments!!

Have fun making your Tiffany Parcel Cakes 🙂

Billie xx

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