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How To Pipe The Perfect Two Tone Swirl

Date - 5th April 2016 / Author - Billie / Category - Cupcakes, Tutorial

I think how to pipe a two tone swirl should be one of the first things you learn when mastering the art of cupcake decorating. They are surprisingly simple but look beyond impressive and are a great way to wow everyone!

The key to getting great buttercream swirls on your cupcakes is to start with the best buttercream recipe ever! Introducing the beeeeeeest buttercreeeaaaam recipeeeee EVERRRRR (say that like the guy off the X Factor and you’ll know how I intended it!)

The secret to getting your buttercream beautifully pale and fluffy is to go Jackson on it and beat it, beat it, beat it! Ideally in a stand mixer on medium to high speed for around 8 minutes.

Click here for the Ultimate Buttercream Recipe.

Once you’ve nailed the buttercream, you can move on to how to pipe the perfect two tone swirl! The main trick to this is having the right nozzle! These affiliate links will take you straight to the two nozzles I use. Either a Wilton 1M or a JEM 1M will do perfectly. Metal nozzles are best, plastic will not do the job because they are too blunt, you can’t get the lovely definition you do with a metal nozzle.

When you have your piping bag filled, stay directly above the cupcake and squeeze generously whilst moving slowly. You swirl outside to inside for a swirl, and inside to outside for a rose. This video demonstrates exactly what to do.

Of course, this method works exactly the same way if you would like plain coloured swirls too.

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If you have a go then please show me! Send me photos on Instagram or Facebook or by email! However you wish! As always, let me know if you have any questions!

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