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Guitar Cake Tutorial

Date - 6th June 2016 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Cakes, Tutorial

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When I was first asked to make a guitar cake it was for my boyfriend’s brother, Jamie (a secret, local John Mayer) and there wasn’t a guitar cake tutorial so I just went for it! Some years, and guitar cakes, down the line and I thought I’d show you the process of making a guitar from cake- here’s hoping it helps!

The latest guitar, for Paul’s 40th, had to be life-size… I was like yeeaaah that’s fine, no problem at all. Paul’s wife gave me LOADS of photos then it came to making the template and I was like oh my god do I actually know the size of this guitar?!

*Enter Jamie*

Me: “Erm Jamie do you have this guitar?”

Jamie: “Yeah I do, it’s the Kanye Best”

YAS! With the actual guitar in hand I was able to measure it in real life to make a shape template! Most ideal outcome ever! If you don’t have the actual guitar, or know your own personal John Mayer, you can find the dimensions online or use a Google picture and expand it to get the size you need.

For the smaller templates for the parts on the actual guitar I did just use a Google picture and crop down to the parts I needed before enlarging them to suit my scale. Trust me… templates are a MUST for cakes that need to look like other things! It seems like a hassle-y thing to print out templates but it will save you SO much time (and probably anguish) later in the process.

Surprise easiest part: fret board! I loved making It!!!! I especially loved making the grooves, don’t know why, just did. The tool I used to make the grooves was the blade and shell tool.

Surprise hardest part: strings! I wanted to make these edible but whichever way I tried they did not look okay. Piping OR sugar extruder the icing was soft so it drooped down onto the guitar rather then resting above like strings do. The solution was metallic silver florist wire. It worked well but man is it fiddly. My florist wire comes in 30cm lengths so I had to match up the ends and secure them with a teensy dot of royal icing. Finicky but completely worth it. In the end.

My sugarcraft extruder gun came in so handy for this cake. All the edging was done using this nifty little bit of kit.

Lots of you have asked about the silver dust for painting and you can get that here.

Clikstix are what I used for the message on the cake board and I used Squires black florist paste as the paste. It’s super important to use florist paste or gum paste when you use Clikstix so you can roll it thinly enough that it won’t get stuck!

Watch the video for my guide to making a life-size electric guitar cake!

Rock on and peace out.

Billie xx

Gibson Guitar Cake



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