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How To Make A Fondant Tiara

Date - 14th November 2016 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Tutorial

Fondant Tiara

Following my Cake International Shopping Haul, this week I was able to use my brand new Marvelous Molds Tiara Mould and some of my new sparkly dusts to make a fondant tiara!

Here is how I got on making my princess cake, with affiliate links for the products I used if you want to get your hands on them too.

How To Make A Fondant Tiara

I used Squires Kitchen Florist Paste and rolled it out to just below the depth of the mould.

This is thick for flower paste, but not thicker than the mould itself.

I then dusted my mould and paste with cornflour and pressed the paste into the mould before rolling it using a 9″ rolling pin.

The aim is to cut the paste through to the mould so the actual shape of the tiara is cut out.

The excess bits of paste can be removed using a scribe.

To remove the tiara from the mould  just stretch the mould a bit in each direction and fold a corner back to peel to mould from the tiara.

Leave to form over something curved such as a dummy or a tin, anything in your kitchen that has the right shape will do fine!

In some instances you might need to cover the former in greaseproof or cling film to prevent the fondant tiara from sticking.

Leave to dry overnight.

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Painting The Tiara

I used my Crystal Candy sparkly dusts from Cake International and vodka to paint my fondant tiara.

As much as I love the sparkle, I found the paint to be grainy. It also didn’t give an even covering, meaning I had to add several layers to get an even colour.

I have been looking at their website and, to be fair, it seems as though they only use these dusts with lace mats.

They add the dust to the mat then spread their version of edible lace over it and the dusts transfers beautifully to the lace.

This is going to be my next project! I loved the look of these dusts at Cake International and I don’t think their actual purpose is painting… my bad!

The fondant tiara still looked very pretty though!

The tiara mould 100% gets a 10 out of 10, as does every single Marvelous Mold’s mould I’ve ever used.

The dust I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and try it how it was intended to be used!

I’ll see you back here once I’ve experimented further!

Over and out,

Billie xx

Fondant Tiara


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