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Doodle Cake Tutorial- Perfect for Mother’s Day

Date - 13th March 2017 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Tutorial

Doodle Cake Tutorial

Doodle Love

Ah, doodles!

One of my favourite artists ever is Marnie Makes; she is what I would describe as an expert doodler.

I buy one of her calendars every year and it does everything to brighten a room.

I’ve wanted to make a doodle cake for aaaaages.

Who needs to wait for someone to order one when you’ve got the perfectly good excuse of making a doodle cake tutorial…?

Surprisingly easy to make, here is my Doodle Cake Tutorial complete with affiliate links for all the bits I used.

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The Cake

To start with, I levelled my cake using a cake leveller then sandwiched my layers together using generous heaps of buttercream.

I added a crumb coat to even out my cake, and chilled it for 15 minutes in the freezer until the buttercream was hard.

I then added a second crumb coat and chilled it some more whilst I got my fondant ready.

To see how to crumb coat and ice a cake in detail, see my tutorial here.

To cover the cake in fondant, I used Massa Ticino… it’s always Massa Ticino!

If you haven’t tried it, get yourself a small 1kg pack and let it change your cake life.

Trust a brother *fist bump*

I rolled out my fondant on cornflour to prevent sticking, then laid it over the cake, which I’d rubbed water onto so the fondant could stick to the set buttercream.

Any pleats can be lifted out and the fondant can be pressed onto the cake. Use smoothers to polish out any marks and pinch the edges to form a sharp edge.

Click here to see this process in detail. 

Covering A Cake Board

To cover my cake board, I rolled out Massa Ticino, again on cornflour to prevent sticking.

I then brushed my cake board with piping gel ( you could also use water but piping gel sticks much better).

When the fondant is laid over the board, it will stick to the piping gel really easily.

I polished over my board using a smoother then trimmed the excess fondant away with a palette knife.

To stick my cake to my board, I used royal icing.

See how to make royal icing in 5 minutes here.

It’s better to let your cake and board dry overnight before doing this so the fondant doesn’t get damaged.

But, hands up, who’s impatient???


Doodle Cake Tutorial

Making Sugar Doodles

For all my sugar doodles, I used flower paste and rolled it very thinly on cornflour.

I then picked out all my prettiest cutters that make good doodle shapes and cut out a mix of different shapes.

I used my ice cream cutter, cupcake cutter, blossom flower cutters, five petal flower cutters, heart cutters, cloud cutters (these are the ones I actually have, here is a cheaper set) and sweet cutters.

You could use a rainbow one, circles, letters, stars… anything you have (or need an excuse to buy… I hear ya).

Once my shapes were dry (I leave them on foam), I added an edible watercolour paint wash.

For this, I used a tiny amount of different paste colours (some Americolor electric gels and some Rainbow Dust) and mixed them with Spirytus Rektyfikowany, a mega strong alcohol!

I brushed different colours onto different shapes and let them dry, which doesn’t take long when alcohol is involved.

For the doodle outlines, I used my PME black edible pen from this set.

I added a dashed line around the edge of each shape and some extra lines where I felt more detail was needed, such as the sweet and cupcakes wrappers, and the happy clouds, of course!

Doodle Cake Tutorial

Finishing Touches

To make my message, I used my new Martha Stewart letter mould, which I finally have thanks to my cake friend, Anita, being so generous with her knowledge! (@sweet_lakes_cakes on Instagram, check her out!)

I pushed flower paste into the mould, trimmed the excess away with a mini palette knife  and turned the letters out.

I then added a watercolour wash to my letters using the same paint from my doodles.

To make my cake look tidier, I trimmed it with ribbon, securing with a blob of royal icing, and the same for the cake board, securing with double sided tape.

I then attached all my doodles and message to my cake using royal icing. You could use edible glue but if both your fondant and shapes are dry, royal icing will work much better.

If you make any of your own doodles, or fancy getting in on the encouraging cake phrase, use #yesdarling under your cake photos on Instagram!

Billie xx

Doodle Cake Tutorial

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