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How To Cover A Cake In Fondant – New & Updated

Date - 14th May 2018 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Tutorial

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Cover a cake in fondant

Since my last video on how to cover a cake in fondant, I have changed my methods a lot.

I used to use buttercream only, the ProFroster didn’t exist (I don’t ever want to go back to a time where the ProFroster didn’t exist), and I was using hard smoothers.

Most importantly, my cakes weren’t great. They were fine but they weren’t 100% even, level or with sharp edges. I didn’t know how good it get!

As you know, when I do something for myself I always like to share it with you guys so I thought it was high time I recorded a new video for how to cover a cake in fondant!

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In the video, I mention my different recipes. I’m going to link them for you here.

This is my vanilla cake recipe. It is a cupcake recipe here but is the exact same recipe I use for my big cakes. This quantity will make a 6″ round cake, for an 8″ double the recipe and for a 10″ multiply the recipe by 2.75 (550g butter, sugar, flour and 11 eggs).

When making big cakes, split the mix between two cake tins and bake in a fan oven at 160C (140C is for cupcakes, 160C is for big cakes). Always bake cakes the day before you will be cutting and filling them.

My buttercream recipe is here. I make this right before I start filling my cakes.

For my white chocolate ganache, I use the ratio of three parts white chocolate to one part double cream.

I make big batches of 1800g white chocolate and 600g double cream.

This is the white chocolate I use and I use standard supermarket double cream.

I use the microwave method to make my ganache, I stir the chocolate and cream together and put in the microwave for 2 minutes. If you are doing a smaller quantity, start with 30 second intervals.

After two minutes, I leave it in the microwave for a minute or so before taking it out and giving it a light stir. It then goes back in for another two minutes and I leave it standing in there for another minute after that.

I then stir again and there are normally a few small pieces of chocolate that haven’t melted so I will do one more blast of 30 seconds in the microwave. Again, I’ll leave it to stand in there for a minute then stir to make sure everything is melted.

It may look sloppy and gelatinous at this stage but it should be fine once set. If it has completely split, try adding a small amount of warm milk to it until it comes back together again.

I then cover the bowl with cling film touching the ganache and leave it overnight.

It tends to set rock hard overnight so the next day I put it in the microwave for one to one and half minutes (you will need to do this for much less time with a smaller batch) and I mix until the ganache comes back together and is spreadable.

Equipment and Materials

Here are the links to all the bits I use every time I cover a cake.

Flexi smoothers come in 3 different sizes to suit small, medium and large cakes. I personally think the large set is fine for everything but I’ll link to all three in case you want the full set.

I really hope this tutorial is helpful but please ask if you have any questions at all.

Billie xx

How to cover a cake in fondant

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