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Winter Wonderland Christmas Parcel Cake

Date - 12th December 2016 / Author - Billie / Category - Cake Decorating, Christmas, Tutorial

Christmas Parcel Cake

For this cake, I wanted to make a Christmas parcel cake but a different kind of Christmas parcel cake to what I’ve done before- less novelty, more classy schweedie!

I started off with a pre-iced square cake. To see how to do that, just click here.

Then I added some frosty, wintery decorations including berries, leaves, winter flowers and pine cones.

Here is how to make everything, along with affiliate links for the products I used if you need them too.

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Winter Berries

To make the berries, I folded small hooks into sections of 26g florist wire.

I then rolled balls of flower paste, coloured with Sugarflair Holly Green and Sugarflair Eucalyptus.

I dipped the wire hook into water then threaded the wire through the berry. The little hole that is left from the wire is fine, it make it look more like a berry than just a ball!

I left these to dry then later on used some florist tape to tape the berries together into clusters.

Winter Leaves

Roll out flower paste really thinly and use leaf cutters to cut out a couple of different shapes then press them between a leaf veiner to add some detail.

Leave to dry for them to be added to the cake later.

Pine Cones

Use either a polystyrene ball as the centre or a ball of paste.

If using a polystyrene ball, stick some brown paste to the top of the ball just to cover any white so that none shows through the top section of the pine cone.

To make the little pine cone ‘pieces’ roll small balls of brown paste then flatten between your fingers.

Concentrate on one end of the paste and really flatten that side between your fingers.

Then gently shape and curve slightly.

Make a lot of these pieces and begin attaching to your centre, using water or sugar glue if necessary.

Start with smaller, narrower section at the top and start right in the centre, working your way down the pin cone, overlapping each piece as you go until you reach the bottom.

Christmas Parcel Cake

Winter Flowers

To make my winter flowers, I based them on roses but made them much more frilly.

I used a polystyrene ball as the centre and then cut out rose petals before softening them and frilling the edges using a ball tool and foam pad.

I built my flowers up with layers on one, three, five, then seven petals.

To see my video on how to make a rose, click here. The principal is exactly the same except you frill the petals more, and you probably won’t need them to be as big, unless you’re making a big parcel cake!

Patterned Ribbon

For a Christmas parcel cake, I needed a ribbon, a patterned one at that!

For my patterned ribbon, I rolled out a long section of fondant then used the Linen Evil Cake Genius stencil.

To make my silver ‘paste’ I mixed Rolkem silver with Spirytus Rektifikowany and a blob of piping gel.

This meant I could spread the silver and it was thick enough to push through the stencil without ‘running’ like paint would.

I spread the silver onto my stencil over the fondant then used a scraper to scrape away the excess.

After I peeled away the stencil, the fondant was left behind with a silver pattern on it.

I then cut strips of paste and attached them to my cake using water.

I used a scalpel to trim the sections that I didn’t need.

Finishing Touches

I attached my decorations to my Christmas parcel cake using royal icing.

Before I pushed my berries into my cake, I dipped the wires in melted Safety Seal to create a food safe barrier between the wire and the cake.

Lastly, I added a frosty finish to my pine cones by dabbing small amounts of royal icing onto the tips of the pine cone pieces.

Billie xx

Christmas Parcel Cake


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