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Creme Egg Cupcakes – An Easter Recipe

Along side Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs are up there with my fave Easter¬†treats. I LOVE the filling of Creme Eggs so for these Creme […]

17th April 2017 / Take a look

The ProFroster with Ganache

Following on from last week’s tutorial for how to use The ProFroster with buttercream, I got a LOT of requests for a video […]

10th April 2017 / Take a look

Mini Egg Cupcake Recipe for Easter

I’m sure you are no stranger to Mini Eggs. What gets me most about Mini Eggs is their smell… oh my gaaaaaad, the second […]

27th March 2017 / Take a look

How to make a Giant Creme Egg

This does not need that much explaining. It’s a massive Creme Egg, as massive as you want it! Or as massive as Easter […]

5th April 2016 / Take a look