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Vegan Wedding Cakes

Hello! I’m Billie Loveland, owner of Sweetie Darling Cakes.

My number one favourite thing in life is… cake, of course! I love baking cakes, decorating them and teaching other people how to do the same. I even like looking at other cakes, whilst eating cake. Like a delicious cake inception.

I have been making and decorating cakes for my actual job since 2008 and it is just the best thing in the world! I am incredibly lucky to do what I love on a daily basis and to be a part of so many people’s memorable days.

Some of my other favourite things include reading (lots and lots of reading), recording YouTube videos, which I do a lot of for my channel, and recently I’ve started to teach myself ukelele… not very well but it’s a lol at the least!

Another notable fact is that I became vegan around mid 2017 and am now constantly working on vegan recipes to be able to offer vegan cakes and vegan wedding cakes in Kent. This is hugely exciting for me and something I’m very much looking forward to pursuing 🙂

If you want to get in touch then send a message and we can talk cake!

Billie xx