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The Best Vegan Pancake Recipe Ever

8th January 2018

Bit of a bold title isn’t it… I have been battling for months to develop a bomb-ass vegan and gluten-free pancake recipe and I was sooooo happy when we (Chaz and I) tried this batch. I was even happier when I remade it and the pancakes were just as awesome… AGAIN. I love nothing more than a consistently awesome recipe that I can come to time and time again and this is legit the best vegan pancake recipe ever! On my journey to this recipe I made a lot of soggy pancakes, a lot of runny pancakes, a lot of floury pancakes, and a lot of burnt-on-the-outside-raw-in-the-middle pancakes. THESE pancakes, however, restored my faith in vegan pancakes! They are sweet, sooooo fluffy in the middle and perfectly golden and toasty on the outside. Add some delicious caramelised bananas on top of this unreal pancake stack and you have the unofficial, but official-to-me, best vegan pancake recipe […]