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Best Vegan Birthday Cake Ever

28th August 2017

When I found out, a year ago, that I was intolerant to gluten, dairy and eggs, among other ingredients, I was devo’d! Legit guys, I cried. The thought that drove me to actual tears was “Oh my god, I can’t eat cake”. I allowed myself 10-20 minutes of self-pity then I Googled ‘free-from cake recipes’ and started baking. My first successful vegan bake was a batch of chocolate brownies and I DEVOURED them! As soon as I knew I could still satisfy my sweet tooth, I dropped the self-pity and enjoyed the process of making delicious bakes without the nasties I couldn’t have. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! Vegan Vanilla Cake The trickiest cake to master, for me, was a great vegan vanilla cake… a birthday cake type cake. I am a big fan of a good Victoria sponge; it’s a classic that, when done well, can’t be beaten. Not being able to replicate that was […]