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Mini Egg Cupcake Recipe for Easter

27th March 2017

I’m sure you are no stranger to Mini Eggs. What gets me most about Mini Eggs is their smell… oh my gaaaaaad, the second I open a bag, I spend a disproportionate amount of time with it pressed to my nose like an oxygen mask. If Cadbury could bottle that smell, I would DOUSE myself in it. “Eau de Mini Egg” Yas please! More important here is the taste of Mini Eggs and even more important, is how to make a pretty special Mini Egg cupcake recipe. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! Mini Egg Cupcake Recipe I didn’t want to make a standard cupcake and plonk Mini Eggs on top. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a cupcake I’d still inhale. I just wanted to make my cupcakes a little bit extra special so my Mini Egg Cupcake Recipe is a very chocolate-y chocolate sponge with a buttercream core, a speckled buttercream top and then actual Mini Eggs on top, […]

Lemon Meringue Cupcake Recipe

20th March 2017

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to make a fail-safe but incredibly delicious cupcake recipe and lemon meringue is a real people-pleaser. The tartness and freshness of the lemon is perfectly set off against the sweet, fluffy and magically light meringue. Below is my recipe for my lemon cupcakes and my meringue topping along with affiliate links for any equipment used. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! Lemon Meringue Cupcake Recipe To make my lemon meringue cupcakes, I use lemon zest and quite a lot of it. I always think that, when it comes to lemon, the zestier the better! I only wanted a small batch of cupcakes so this recipe makes 6-7 cupcakes. If you want to make 12-14 cupcakes, just double the recipe 🙂 I baked my cupcakes in baking cups… this is the first time I’ve used them and if I’m honest, I’m not a fan. The butter from […]

Doodle Cake Tutorial- Perfect for Mother’s Day

13th March 2017

Doodle Love Ah, doodles! One of my favourite artists ever is Marnie Makes; she is what I would describe as an expert doodler. I buy one of her calendars every year and it does everything to brighten a room. I’ve wanted to make a doodle cake for aaaaages. Who needs to wait for someone to order one when you’ve got the perfectly good excuse of making a doodle cake tutorial…? Surprisingly easy to make, here is my Doodle Cake Tutorial complete with affiliate links for all the bits I used. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! The Cake To start with, I levelled my cake using a cake leveller then sandwiched my layers together using generous heaps of buttercream. I added a crumb coat to even out my cake, and chilled it for 15 minutes in the freezer until the buttercream was hard. I then added a second crumb coat and chilled it some more whilst I got […]

How To Pipe A Message With Royal Icing

6th March 2017

Here are my guidelines to pipe a message with royal icing including affiliate links for the bits and bobs if you need them. First off, to pipe a message with royal icing, you need good royal icing. Soz to state the obvs. Here is my recipe for how to make royal icing in under 5 minutes. Otherwise, you can buy a royal icing mix that you just add water to. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! Getting Ready Before piping, you need to paddle your icing. This means you work it hard with a palette knife to push out all the air bubbles. If you don’t do this, your royal icing will break as you’re piping because of the little air bubbles squeezing through your piping nozzle. You can also add colour whilst paddling and just mix it through until there are no streaky bits. Once paddled, you can scoop up your icing and add it to […]