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How To Make A Two Tier Christening Cake

27th February 2017

This is a pretty comprehensive tutorial on how to make a two tier christening cake or baby shower cake so there’s a lot of steps for the different techniques used. I will also include affiliate links for the different equipment I used to make this cake. I’ve started with cakes already covered in fondant. If you need to see how to do this, you can click here. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! Pearl Loops Template To make a template, I use till roll. I wrap the till roll around my cake and cut it to the length of the circumference of the cake. I then fold this in half as many times as I need to get the length of loop that I want and then I cut my loop from the folded till roll. Before I cut my loop, I fold the paper in half again so I can cut half a […]

Buttercream Flower Cake Tutorial feat. Cake Cloths

20th February 2017

In this tutorial, I show you how to get a clean buttercream finish and how to make buttercream flowers. I’ll also include affiliate links for the products I use. Buttercream – Layer 1 First things first, buttercream. To make a good buttercream flower cake, you need a good buttercream. My recipe is perfect for this and you can see it here. I split my cake with a cake leveller so that I had four even layers and sandwiched them together with buttercream. Then I added my first crumb coat by spreading buttercream over my cake using a cranked palette knife. I started on the sides and concentrated on filling any gaps and making a good foundation. After this, I moved to the top of the cake and covered that in the same way. There will be excess over the edge of the top of the cake, this can be cleaned by smoothing around the circumference of your cake with a […]

Red Velvet Valentine’s Cupcakes Recipe

13th February 2017

In this post, I’ve included my recipes for red velvet cupcakes and meringue buttercream, as well as the template for the ‘love’ toppers and affiliate links for the different products used. The Flavour of Love I’m pretty sure the flavour of Valentine’s Day is red velvet. And chocolate obvs… but if it’s cake, it’s gonna be red velvet. I think this recipe is the easiest cake recipe ever; it’s a one bowl recipe. Bung everything in and mix! What joy! I use an ice cream scoop to fill my cupcakes cases, which are ROSE GOLD! Finally! I always bake my cupcakes at a low temperature, 150c in a fan oven and these red velvet valentine’s cupcakes take 30 minutes in my oven. You can test a cupcake is baked by pressing lightly on the top of it. If it springs back, it’s ready. If it’s squishy and you leave finger prints, it’s not quite done and will need a […]

Valentine’s Cake Tutorial – Love Letterbox

6th February 2017

My Valentine’s cake tutorial contains my video as well as written instructions and affiliate links for where you can buy the materials I use. The Cake For my Valentine’s cake tutorial, I wanted a 6″ square cake. I could’ve baked these in 6″ square tins but, on this occasion, I chose to bake one big 12″ square cake and cut it into four 6″ square pieces. I stacked these pieces of cake and sandwiched them together with buttercream. Then I added a crumb coat, chilled the cake and added a second crumb coat. To see how to crumb coat a cake in detail, click here. There are two ways to cover this cake with fondant. One is to cover the whole cake as normal then add extra tall side panels. The other method is the way I chose in my video and that is to roll a strip of fondant and ice three sides of the […]