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How To Make Winter Cookies

26th December 2016

Winter Cookies Recipe The following is a lightly spiced sugar cookie recipe. For a different flavour, use the same base and swap the orange and cinnamon for a flavour of your choice. 200g butter 200g caster sugar 1 large egg 400g plain flour Zest of 1 orange 1 tsp cinnamon Winter Cookies Method Beat butter and sugar together in stand mixer until pale and fluffy. Add flour, egg and flavours and mix in stand mixer until dough comes together. When it is mostly combining, use your hands to bring the dough together. Wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Baking After chilling, break chunks of your dough off and squish to soften slightly. Roll out to a thickness of about 5mm on a floured surface. Cut out cookie shapes and place on a baking sheet lined with greaseproof. Make sure to space your cookies out in case they spread a little when baking. Refrigerate your cut cookie dough for 20 minutes then bake at 160C fan […]

Christmas Tree Cake Tutorial

19th December 2016

This Christmas cake is great if you have a varying time schedule. You can stop at just the tree and have that as your Christmas cake, you can decorate the tree as much, or as little, as you want, or you can go the whole hog and add the balancing reindeer too. Here are the instructions for each stage of the Christmas Tree Cake along with affiliate links for the products I use. The Cake I used three 5″ round cakes sandwiched together with buttercream. You can see my buttercream recipe here. I then chilled my cake in the freezer for around 15-20 minutes. This makes carving cake waaaaay easier! To get a Christmas Tree Cake shape, I used a large knife held vertically against my cake, and took off small pieces of cake at a time. I worked on the top edge and gradually got lower, always making sure the tip of the knife was near […]

Winter Wonderland Christmas Parcel Cake

12th December 2016

For this cake, I wanted to make a Christmas parcel cake but a different kind of Christmas parcel cake to what I’ve done before- less novelty, more classy schweedie! I started off with a pre-iced square cake. To see how to do that, just click here. Then I added some frosty, wintery decorations including berries, leaves, winter flowers and pine cones. Here is how to make everything, along with affiliate links for the products I used if you need them too. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! Winter Berries To make the berries, I folded small hooks into sections of 26g florist wire. I then rolled balls of flower paste, coloured with Sugarflair Holly Green and Sugarflair Eucalyptus. I dipped the wire hook into water then threaded the wire through the berry. The little hole that is left from the wire is fine, it make it look more like a berry than just a ball! I left […]

Night Before Christmas Cake Tutorial

5th December 2016

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a… oh… You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! How To Make A Night Before Christmas Cake The following post includes instructions and some affiliate links for where you can get the equipment and materials I used. For my cake, I used 4 x 6″ round cakes, sandwiched together with buttercream and covered with Massa Ticino. Click here to see, in detail, how to cover a cake. To get the blue sky effect, I used Sugarflair Navy paste colour mixed with strong alcohol to make a paint. I applied this to the cake using a large, puffy make up brush, stippling the paint onto the fondant. Once dry, I used the amazing shooting stars stencil by Evil Cake Genius with some royal icing to print a starry pattern onto my cake. The Cake Board To razz up the cake board, I first iced it […]

The Cake Decorator Christmas Gift Guide

4th December 2016

After one of the loveliest, most thoughtful and organised chaps in the WORLD emailed me this year asking my opinion on which mixer to get his signif other (lucky gal!) I thought it to be a good idea to put together a list of the best Christmas gifts you could get a cake decorator. Some of the following links are affiliate links, everything is awesome and I either have it myself already or it’s on my Christmas list for the fourth time in a row… coughKitchenaidcough I’ve separated the list into beginners and for more advanced cake decorators but partners, have a snoop before you make the purchases and make sure there’s nothing the exact same in their stash already! Where the gifts are suitable for both beginners and advanced, I’ve included them in both lists so you can go straight to the lost you need. The Cake Decorator Christmas Gift Guide – Beginner Self […]

5 Things You Should Be Doing Every Time A Cake Leaves Your Door

4th December 2016

Put Business Cards In The Box Guests will ask who made the cake. Make it easy for the host to give them your details. 2-4 cards tucked under the cake board is plenty unless they specifically ask you for cards to put out with the cake, in which case… load ’em up! Brand Your Box Effectively Plain white cake boxes are fine but how much more professional would your cake look with your logo and details on the box? You don’t have to get custom boxes made, I have stickers printed that I put on every box before it leaves for its party. My custom stickers are printed by Fast Labels; they are ridiculously good value for money and as fast as their name suggests… A quick, easy way to get your logo and details on every cake that you make. Include Some Cake Care Advice This can be verbal or typed but people appreciate advice on what […]