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Standing Fondant Santa Tutorial

28th November 2016

Well,  a year has passed and we finally get to do some Christmas tutorials, starting, of course, with the main guy, Santa! I recorded a fondant santa tutorial way back when, before I knew how to really use a camera and before I knew how to edit… let’s just say it’s not good and it needed a revamp. So here it is, my brand new Standing Fondant Santa Tutorial including affiliate links for the bits I used. This santa can be made from fondant strengthened with CMC or Tylo powder, modelling paste, gumpaste, or modelling chocolate, which is what I’m using. You can see my modelling chocolate recipe here. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! Standing Fondant Santa Step By Step Shoes. Cut a ball of black in half and roll each into a pear shape to make the shoes. The bulbous part is the front, the narrow parts are the back. I build models on […]

Mince Lies: Don’t Be Left Out This Christmas!

21st November 2016

Mince Pie Alternative. It’s that time of year where everyone is feeling more and more festive as each day goes by, and the pinnacle of that festive feeling is eating your first mince pie. Unless you don’t like mince pies. I don’t like mince pies and I know I don’t like mince pies but sometimes I want to be included in the most festive group of all; The Mince Pie Eaters. So I’ll try a mince pie. Sometimes I can’t chew more than once. Sometimes I’ll chew a few times on one side of my mouth and strain to swallow it down. Every time I still don’t like mince pies. I’m a festive outcast. It’s what’s On The Inside That Counts I needed to come up with a solution to this problem. How can I feel like I’m involved with The Mince Pie Eaters without eating a mince pie? The issue I have with mince pies is the mincemeat […]

How To Make A Fondant Tiara

14th November 2016

Following my Cake International Shopping Haul, this week I was able to use my brand new Marvelous Molds Tiara Mould and some of my new sparkly dusts to make a fondant tiara! Here is how I got on making my princess cake, with affiliate links for the products I used if you want to get your hands on them too. How To Make A Fondant Tiara I used Squires Kitchen Florist Paste and rolled it out to just below the depth of the mould. This is thick for flower paste, but not thicker than the mould itself. I then dusted my mould and paste with cornflour and pressed the paste into the mould before rolling it using a 9″ rolling pin. The aim is to cut the paste through to the mould so the actual shape of the tiara is cut out. The excess bits of paste can be removed using a scribe. To remove the tiara from the […]

Cake International 2016 Shopping Haul

7th November 2016

Cake International 2016 This November’s show was in Birmingham and it was set to be the biggest cake show ever! I can tell you, it didn’t disappoint. Running over three days with demonstrations, mini classes, every type of equipment imaginable, brownies, meringues, chocolate, cakes, and a competition with 1300 entries, each of outstanding quality! My friend (and cameraman) Bradley and I went to the show on the Friday, the first day. We got in at opening and let loose! I hadn’t booked any mini classes or demos but I did get a good look at all the products and lots of the competition entries. The shopping was out of this world, cake decorator heaven and you can see my full haul in my video. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here!   My fave purchases included Evil Cake Genius stencils, Crystal Candy lustre dusts and moulds by Tal Tsafrir and Marvelous Moulds. I will most definitely […]