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Beauty and the Beast Rose Tutorial

31st October 2016

Beauty and the Beast Cake When I was asked to make a Beauty and the Beast cake featuring Mrs Potts and Chip, I almost combusted from instant excitement. The brief was literally what I’ve written above, I pretty much had free reign, which equals a cake decorator’s dream! As well as Mrs Potts and Chip, I knew we needed the special lyrics on the cake (cue me singing Beauty and the Beast for a week straight), and the rose. You know the one. The Beauty and the Beast Rose. The rose that stands. I wanted that rose on this cake. I’d never made a standing rose before so it was new territory for me but it was territory I jumped into and loved! Here is my tutorial for the Beauty and the Beast rose along with affiliate links for the products I used. How To Make A Beauty and the Beast Rose The Centre. I used a polystyrene ball as my […]

Meringue Unicorn Horns- Farewell GBBO

26th October 2016

The End Of An Era So that’s it. It really happened. I’m not going to wang on about how fast the last 10 weeks have gone because, frankly, it terrifies me. I am sad that the show, as we know it, is over but I’m SO happy we all existed¬†at the same time as The Great British Bake Off. I’ve included an affiliate link for the GBBO book further down, which helps to prolong the feeling that it’s not completely over. Shall we move on before I start saying “It’s been an honour” like we’re part of the orchestra on the sinking Titanic? Yes, let’s talk challenges. This Week’s Bake Off. The Signature. This week’s signature was a filled meringue crown suitable for the royal family! I have gone slightly less regal than a crown.. with Meringue Unicorn Horns. Bet the Queen would love ’em ūüėČ The recipe for my Meringue Unicorn Horns is below. The Technical The technical challenge was to make […]

Halloween Drip Cake Tutorial

24th October 2016

One of the HUGEST cake trends of 2016 has been Drip Cakes so it was an easy¬†choice¬†to make a Halloween Drip Cake for this week’s tutorial. This tutorial contains affiliate links to the products I use so if you need them, you can get them too. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! Halloween Drip Cake Basics For this cake, I used 3 x 6″ round vanilla cakes coloured purple with Rainbow Dust Purple. I levelled my cakes using a cake leveller¬†then sandwiched them together with some orange buttercream. Click here for my buttercream recipe.¬† The orange colour I used was Sugarflair Egyptian Orange but the colour I would have preferred to have used is Sugarflair Tangerine– it’s a brighter orange more suited to a Halloween Drip Cake! Buttercream Finish I then added a white crumb coat to my cake to build up the foundation and even out the cake. I always use a cranked palette knife […]

Bake Off Make Off Week 9- Chocolate Pinwheels

19th October 2016

Can you believe it’s week 9? Of 10!¬†Semi final week and where the hell has the time gone? Has it whizzed by in the blink of an eye because we know Bake Off won’t ever be the same after this? Let’s not dwell on it, let’s¬†enjoy the week. It’s patisserie week so what’s not to absolutely love?! This Week’s Bake Off The Signature Laminated dough y’all! 24 palmiers with full puff pastry. The puffier the better. Lots of lovely dough with layers of butter between. Not at all healthy but wonderfully delicious! Selasi had it right when it said the key to the puff pastry is chilling! See my notes below for how serious I am about chilling puff pastry. Proper serious. The Technical A French Savarin, which looks blimin lovely! Chantilly cream, orange liqueur, light sponge, fresh fruit. Gorg! The Showstopper 36 fondant fancies. I LOVE fondant fancies! Aren’t they pesky buggers to make though? Luckily Mr Kipling’s got […]

How To Make A Coffin Cake

17th October 2016

This coffin cake is super easy and quick to make but so impressive for a Halloween party. Below is the tutorial and affiliate links for the products I used to make the cake. You can make this cake from¬†any size square cake so it doesn’t matter which tin you have but if you want it the same size as mine, I have used a 10″ square tin.   You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here!   Shaping the coffin cake. Level the cake using a cake leveller and cut the cake in half using a large knife. Sandwich the two layers together with buttercream, using a cranked palette knife. Cut away each corner, two short ones at the top of the cake and two longer cuts at the bottom of the cake to taper¬†off to the narrower end of the coffin cake. Add a crumb coat to your cake and chill if necessary. Click here to see how […]

Bake Off Make Off Week 8- Tudor Knots

12th October 2016

Tudor Week… ? Huh. Well I didn’t see that coming… ever. Tudor week. What an odd theme! We’ve all happily gone along with it though! I’m going to go straight in and say I went for Tudor Knots this week because meat pie does NOTHING for me and neither does marzipan, and actually, as it turns out, Tudor Knots aren’t anything to get giddy about either… I would’ve been a miserable Tudor! Tudor Knots are fine really, they just aren’t sweet enough for me but that may be because I’ll happily eat several tablespoons of golden syrup without a second thought. I’m kinda into my sugar you see? Tudor Knots are a slightly sweet, spiced biscuit type bake but in all honesty they aren’t something I’ll ever make again. I wouldn’t be excited to eat one, which I am with literally every other bake. This Week’s Bake Off The Signature The signature bake was to make a selection of individual […]

How To Make Mini Cauldron Cakes

10th October 2016

We are¬†a step closer to Halloween and it’s time for¬†another Halloween tutorial! Less gruesome than my Buttercream Brain Cupcakes but still most definitely suited to Halloween, here are my¬†Mini Cauldron Cakes. I’ve included some affiliate links if you want to see any of the equipment use. Preparing the Mini Cauldron cakes Use a Wilton Half Ball Pan¬†to bake semi-spheres of cake and leave the cakes to cool completely. Trim the top of each dome away so that, when turned upside-down, they will sit flat. Work on the cakes upside-down to how they will be when they are finally cauldrons- the bottom of the cauldrons will be iced. Crumb coat your cakes by adding a thin layer of buttercream all over the domed part of the cake, then cover with a layer of black fondant. Smooth the fondant over using your hands and trim the excess paste away using a pizza wheel, leaving approximately 1cm […]

Bake Off Make Off Week 7- White Chocolate Passionfruit Roulade

5th October 2016

White Chocolate Passionfruit Roulade I had originally planned on baking a raspberry and white chocolate roulade for this week’s Bake Off Make Off but Tesco had zero raspberries (who ate all the raspberries?!)¬†and I didn’t have time to shop around so instead, I went home¬†resigning myself to the fact that¬†I’d have to wait another day to bake. In the process of making myself an afternoon snack of toast, I spied my jars of Cherry Tree Preserve passionfruit curd in my fridge and all sorts of roulade lights pinged in my mind. White chocolate goes so well with most tart flavours, passionfruit being about as tarty as they come, ha! With the roulade lights shining bright, I set out to make my White Chocolate Passionfruit Roulade to go hand in hand, of course,¬†with GBBO Week 7. On topic, throwback to the time I got retweeted by GBBO when they asked for baking related footballer name […]

Halloween Buttercream Brain Cupcakes Tutorial

3rd October 2016

If you need a quick and easy Halloween bake then these Buttercream Brain Cupcakes are totally for you. Buttercream Brain Cupcakes are a super simple design, fun to make and incredibly delicious with the classic flavour combination of raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream, all on a raspberry ripple sponge. The perfect Halloween treat is something that looks gruesome¬†but tastes absolutely delicious and these Buttercream Brain Cupcakes certainly tick both these boxes. Raspberry Ripple Cupcakes. My vanilla cupcake recipe is below (you can see the full blog post here) and to¬†make the cupcakes raspberry ripple flavour just add 1tsp of jam to each cupcake case, use a cocktail stick to swirl the jam through the cake mix, then bake as per the instructions below. Vanilla Buttercream. The Ultimate¬†Buttercream recipe is below (you can see the full blog post here) and the key to getting the perfect consistency buttercream is all in the method so if you […]