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Bake Make Off Week 6- Meringue Brownies

28th September 2016

Week 6 already! Can you believe that? I don’t want it to be over, especially now we know it WON’T EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. I’m feeling dramatic but it’s easier to handle with meringue brownies. So what actually are meringue brownies? I know the title is self explanatory but what is entailed in a meringue brownie needs to be explained so they are baked as a priority and without hesitation. When I was talking to my boyfriend about what to name these, he just kept saying “cloud… something to do with cloud… they’re like clouds”. This is so accurate. These meringue brownies are the fudgiest, stickiest, gooey-est brownies topped with a light cloud of puffy meringue. Utter chocolate meringue heaven! I don’t know why different textures work so well together but a dense fudge brownie topped with the softest layer of meringue just works. In case you’re wondering, I went with the obvious name in the end because if I see the […]

Black Bat Toffee Apples – A Halloween Tutorial

26th September 2016

Halloween Toffee Apples It’s officially the run up to Halloween, which means everything autumnal and spooky is imminent! Halloween has always been a much bigger deal for our friends across the globe, in the States, but it is most definitely taking hold in Britain and becoming more popular than ever. As such, we are on the lookout for fun treats to celebrate Halloween, and maybe even some to make with the kids. Over the next few weeks my tutorials will be geared towards Halloween, and whilst this one probably isn’t suitable for children, y’know, because of the molten sugar ‘n’ that, some of my other ones will be much more little-hand-friendly! For now, these Black Bat Toffee Apples are a blast for adult hands to make (rope in the kids to make the eyes, ears and fangs!). You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! How To Make Black Bat Toffee Apples. The whole recipe […]

Bake Off Make Off Week 5- Bakewell Tart

21st September 2016

If you’ve been following the Sweetie Darling Bake Off Make Off series you may remember me mentioning in bread week that pastry also isn’t my thing… You will see some evidence of this in the photos throughout this post BUT it actually turned out good! Better than expected that’s for sure! This is the actual Bakewell Tart recipe from the Bake Off book which you can buy now via this affiliate link. This week’s Bake Off was, of course, all about pastry. The signature The signature bake was 24 Danish pastries. Yuuuuuum! I literally love a breakfast pastry and these are 100% on my list to bake at some point! The one time I tried to make a laminated pastry, in the form of croissants, I added the salt in tbs quantities instead of tsp quantities… Not promising is it! Also, absolutely loving Val’s dental floss tip for slicing a log! I love a clean […]

How To Make A Fondant Mario Toad

19th September 2016

10 Steps to Make A Fondant Mario Toad I’ve never paid much attention to Toad from Mario before but how cute is he!! When one of my gorgeous wedding couples told me they wanted Mario cake toppers on their rustic buttercream wedding cake, instead of a bride and groom, I was pretty chuffed. Then they asked me to make a mini fondant Mario Toad to represent their little girl and my heart actually hurt from cute. This tutorial contains affiliate links for the bits I used if you would like to get them yourself. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! Step by Step Because my toad had to be so small I made him all from flower paste. You could also use modelling paste or modelling chocolate. You can see my modelling chocolate recipe here. Step 1 Use brown paste to make the shoes. I made my brown using Sugarflair Chocolate Paste Colour. Roll two balls the […]

Bake Off Make Off Week 4- Churro Cupcakes

14th September 2016

Churro Cupcakes In the midst of the sad week when Mel & Sue confirmed they won’t be joining GBBO on its move to Channel 4, I have to admit I am still happy because a BATTER week has been added. I actually disgust myself when I admit my love for batter but we all have a dark side don’t we? One of my all time fave battered things I’ve ever had are churros. The first time I tried churros was with some cake friends, next to a river in London, on a gorgeously sunny day. They were so much more than I expected; sweet and cinnamony, crispy on the outside but a teensy bit soft in the middle… and they came with dippy chocolate sauce. The only bad thing about this experience was that I was already in my early twenties by the time I tried a churro. Why wasn’t I given churros instead of Rusks as a baby?! Do love […]

How To Pipe On The Side Of A Cake

12th September 2016

Piping well is one thing, knowing how to pipe on the side of a cake is another thing entirely. Here are a few techniques that will make the process a fun one, instead of a stressful one! Use Perfect Royal Icing. Having your royal icing at the right consistency to pipe on the side of a cake is absolutely key. Here is my royal icing recipe (this link will open in a new tab so you can click it and carry on reading here). Use A Template. Templates are an excellent way to help you get a beautifully even pattern on your cake. There are two types of templates I use. One is the Kitbox Side Scallop Template Set. This is a set of seven different size scallop templates. You can hold these against the side of your cake and score along the scallop line using a scribe. This set is really easy to use but very […]

Bake Off Make Off Week 3 – Cinnamon Swirls

8th September 2016

Why I chose Cinnamon Swirls On Bread Week I’ve been a tad sly about this week’s Bake Off Make Off with my Cinnamon Swirls. Bread Week has to be my least favourite week of GBBO. I don’t do well with bread. To be fair, I don’t do well with pastry either but we’ll cross that flaky bridge when we come to it. Bread is just so time-consuming, and I’m not good at it. As a result, I tend to avoid it now, hence my sneaky cinnamon swirl, which is technically still bread! One time, I made a loaf of bread so bad I had to cut all the crusts off. I then went out, my phone buzzed, and I had the following text from my dad, “Why is your bread inside out?” Cool. Cheers dad. That’s the level of my bread making though. Perhaps I should invest in a bread maker and remove this personal stigma I’ve […]

Crash Bandicoot Cake Tutorial

5th September 2016

Crash Bandicoot was released when I was 8 years old, a slightly frightening 20 years ago, and I still remember getting it for Christmas! I was so happy; this game was incredible, colourful and so much fun! I would have sobbed if I’d ever had a Crash Bandicoot cake for my birthday. From that first game, nothing else ever matched up to Crash and, of course, eventually I grew up and grew out of gaming, much to my boyfriend’s dismay. Now I hear that three of the original Crash Bandicoot games are being remastered for 2017 so maybe I’ll be a temporary adult gamer after all… a very temporary one. Until then, here is a Crash Bandicoot cake I made after a sudden pang of childhood nostalgia. There are affiliate links in this tutorial if you would like to buy any of the bits I used. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! The main […]

Modelling Chocolate Recipe

4th September 2016

When it comes to modelling, if there is a choice between fondant/modelling paste and modelling chocolate, I will always choose modelling chocolate. I knew nothing about modelling chocolate until a few years ago when I did a class with Kaysie Lackey. She blew my mind! The three things I love most about modelling chocolate: It doesn’t dry out like fondant, but it does set so anything you make will hold firm. It blends seamlessly! If you want a join gone, you need only rub the chocolate and you’ll never know it was there to begin with. It tastes awesome! Just like chocolate in fact, because it is made from chocolate! A little disclosure… modelling chocolate is HELL if you have permanently hot hands. My hands are freezing all the time so I don’t tend to have issues when working with chocolate and when I taught my first class with modelling chocolate and saw it melting for […]

Bake Off Make Off Week 2- Banoffee Biscuit Whirls

1st September 2016

Week 2 was potentially the most British week of Great British Bake Off going. Biscuits. Is there anything else we enjoy much more than a good biscuit with a cup of tea? The only thing we might enjoy more is an entire packet of biscuits with a pint of tea. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! The 3 challenges this week included iced biscuits, which aren’t easy. There are certain people within our confectionary world who nail iced biscuits day after day. Looking at you Sweetambs and You Can Call Me Sweetie. These are the Cookie Queens and you have to check their pages if you don’t know them already! The technical challenge this week was Viennese Whirls. Yuuuuuuuum. Haven’t had one of those in years! Totally disappointed in myself. Banoffee Biscuit Whirls were my way of making it up to myself. The showstopper was just as mean as last week’s. A gingerbread […]