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How To Make A Fondant Stiletto Shoe

29th August 2016

Shoes on cakes are always a hit and I’ve loved making them since forever. There are all sorts of shoe kits on the market but the ones I’ve owned before have made more of a kitten heel than a killer stiletto so you can imagine my excitement when I saw the Stiletto Shoe Kit by N.Y.Cake. A sky high 4 inch heel mould and different templates to make all sorts of fondant stiletto shoe designs. My brain is going real Louboutin here. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! I bought this kit several months ago and have only now been able to use it. For my first go, I recorded the process so you can see how it works for a first-timer. I have also included affiliate links for the products I use in this video, including the shoe kit. The templates that come in this kit are printed onto a thick […]

Bake Off Make Off Week 1- Chocolate Orange Drizzle Cake

27th August 2016

The Great British Bake Off. How did we wait a year for it to be back? The familiar comfort that washes over you when the theme music starts, like seeing an old friend after too long apart. Who in the nation wasn’t sitting in a comfy chair with a cup of tea and big smile plastered across their face as GBBO 2016 finally started? Week 1 saw the bakers make a classic bake, a household favourite, the understated drizzle cake. The technical challenge then requested that the bakers make a batch of Jaffa Cakes. I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t even know Jaffa Cakes could be homemade. I’ve only ever known them from the packet and I’ve never actually liked Jaffa Cakes but maybe that’s why. If I were to try one of Mary Berry’s, would my Jaffa world be turned upside down? The final task, the showstopper round, was a mean first round […]

The Wannabe Flamingo Cake Tutorial

22nd August 2016

This cake was for my friend, who quite likes a flamingo or two. Now, I thought I knew what a flamingo looked like so I just went straight for it and recorded the process. I made the cake, left it and came back it to the next day with my head tilted sideways thinking out loud “What is it? Why does this not look right?”. I didn’t know why and just put it down to be fussy. Then I looked again and got more annoyed so I Googled ‘flamingo’ to prove to myself that a flamingo is exactly what I had made. Oh no, never mind, I made a pink goose. I don’t even know where my head was at when I made that flamingo’s neck stand tall and proud. Look how curvy they are , they literally have snakes for necks, how do they even hold their heads up?! It takes Google 0.61 seconds to […]

How to make Royal Icing in under 5 minutes

21st August 2016

One of the most common things I hear about royal icing is that it’s hassle to make. It isn’t at ALL hassle to make, I promise you. It’s 3 ingredients and 4 minutes in a mixer. If you follow this recipe, you can’t go wrong with it and you will have perfect royal icing forever more. There also affiliate links so if you need anything you can click through and get them. You can also buy royal icing sugar and just add water to it if you want to remove a step but it doesn’t save that much time. A stand mixer is better than a hand mixer when it comes to making royal icing because the minimum speed is much slower than that of a hand mixer, but if you only have a hand mixer it will be fine, just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t start puffing up […]

How To Make Pokeball Cupcakes

21st August 2016

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! Do you feel like we all blinked and the world was different? We all now know someone obsessed with Pokemon Go, and obsessed isn’t even an over-reaction, it is everywhere. I’m not obsessed with Pokemon, it passed over me as a child and it passed over me this time, but I am fully obsessed with cake so, of course, had to get my mixing bowl out to whip up some Pokemon themed cakes. Pokeball cupcakes are so easy to make and absolutely perfect for any Pokemon fan! I’ve included affiliate links for some of the equipment in case you’d like to get it for yourself. How to make Pokeball cupcakes 1) Make a batch of vanilla cupcakes and leave to cool. 2) Make a batch of vanilla buttercream 3) Use a large round spoon, ideally a soup spoon to smooth buttercream on top of your cupcakes in a dome shape. […]

The Ultimate Buttercream Recipe

21st August 2016

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t love buttercream? I’ve met lots of people who don’t like fondant. I’m actually one of those people! Ironic, I know. If I have a piece of a cake, I will peel the icing off and discard it. Contrary to my 8 year old self’s norm of eating alllll the icing and leaving the cake. Buttercream on the other hand… Who can resist having a little taste of a bowl of freshly made, fluffy buttercream? If you see a golden vanilla cake bursting with layers of light vanilla filling and it’s squeezing from the sides of the cake, how can you help but want to wipe a finger along and taste a big scoop of buttercream? We do resist though because it’s frowned upon in every circumstance. This one is red velvet and doesn’t it look extra appetising against the white cloud of buttercream?   I’m going to show you how to make buttercream so good that resisting […]

Classic English Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

21st August 2016

Any kind of cupcake is good isn’t it? I would take pretty much any flavour of cupcake. Sometimes though, you can’t do any better than a really well baked Classic English Vanilla Cupcake. Simple but sublime. There are no complicated, hard-to-find ingredients, just good old butter, sugar, flour and eggs… and some vanilla. A Victoria Sponge in cupcake form. Top it off with a light vanilla buttercream swirl and it’s pretty much heaven, if you’ve got a thang for cake, which I do, and seeing as you’re here, I guess you do too. Fist bump.     At the time of making this tutorial, I had just bought the most pretty, new bakeware. Look at my bowl(!) and my scales, sometimes I just look at them for fun. The scales come in pink too and I used every fibre of my being to not add the pink to my basket. I have too much pink and needed to […]

How To Fondant Round and Square Cakes

21st August 2016

Let’s take it right back to basics for a minute. It’s all well and good being able to make an awesome sugar rose or a fondant bride and groom but if your actual cake isn’t spot on it’s going to distract from your awesome sugarcraft skills! You want a great foundation for all of your cakes, both round and square. Do you have a favourite cake shape? Let me word that better. Do you have a least hated cake shape? My least hated cake shape is round. My most hated cake shape (aside from numbers) is square! Too many edges. Some people love squares though. They love sides and edges. I don’t get it either. In this video, I show you, in detail, how to fondant round and square cakes, so you get to see a bit from both sides of the “Cake Shape Argument”. I will also affiliate link to the products I use so if you need them you can see […]

Cake Shame. What It Is & Why You’ve Probably Had It

18th August 2016

Have you ever made a cake that didn’t turn how you wanted it to and you’ve felt actual shame? Me too. Awful isn’t it? How did you get past it, or are you not past it? Is it just a case of pushing it to the back of your mind and carrying on? But then it’s there in the back of your mind, barging it’s way to the front every now and again giving you that churning tummy feeling of… shame. For the last three years I have entered Cake International, a huge cake decorating competition in the UK. There are many different categories you can enter and you are scored based on: Creativity, visual impact, workmanship, degree of difficulty, proportion, balance, colour and specific class criteria. Depending on how you score you either get a gold award, silver award, bronze award, certificate of merit, or nothing. The first year I entered Cake International, I entered the ‘large decorative exhibit’ […]

How To Make A Sequin Cake

15th August 2016

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! Imagine a sequin on the end of your finger, a real pretty sequin, it can be silver or gold, it’s shimmering and the light is bouncing off of it so that it actually appears to be twinkling like a tiny little diamond. Now imagine that small, hard, plastic sequin gradually morphing into a sugary, sweet, edible sequin. It’s still a beautiful silver or gold and it’s still shimmering. It should still be twinkling, in your mind, on the end of your finger. Except it’s not is it?! Because you ate it the second I said it’s edible! That little whimsy is roughly how I imagine Rainbow Dust came up with the idea for these delightful, and most importantly, actual edible sequins. Up until this point, covering a cake in sequins has meant painstakingly making individual sequins ourselves. No more, comrades! This post is all about how […]