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How To Make Simple Sugar Flowers

25th July 2016

It’s fully summer and I’m in the mood to talk flowers. Not the stressful 100 petal kind, the simple, fun kind that sparked my love of cake decorating. Sugar flowers are wonderful things for so many reasons. They go on pretty much any cake, they can make an otherwise boring cake have some real sass about it, and, handily, they last forever! This post contains a step by step guide and a video tutorial on how to make simple sugar flowers. I have included some affiliate links to the products I use so if you’d like to add any to your collection it should be easy to do so. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! Step 1- Colour your paste to your required colours. I use Sugarflair Paste Colours and used Primrose for the yellow, Sky Blue for the blue, Mint Green for the green and Baby Pink for the […]

Individual Tiffany Parcel Cakes Tutorial

18th July 2016

In this video tutorial I show you how to make Individual Tiffany Parcel Cakes. I recently made 40 of these for a wedding and I loved them!!!! Well, no, I didn’t love them whilst I was doing them but after… YEAH I loved them!! Here is the video for how to make these with some written instructions and affiliate links if you would like to buy any of the bits I use. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! I started here with a 9″ square cake in order to get 16 mini cakes from it. If I’d used an 8″ cake I risked the cake shrinking away from the edges of the tin and not quite having enough cake left to get the number of mini cakes I needed. I used a cake leveller to level my cake then cut easily and evenly through the middle of the cake twice to […]

Graduation Cupcakes Tutorial

12th July 2016

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! This is the second time I’ve been asked to make the cupcakes for the Kent Business School Graduation at The University of Kent and this time I filmed it to give you guys a graduation cupcakes tutorial. This blog post contains affiliate links for the products I used to make these cupcakes so, if you wish, you can view and buy them too. For the actual cupcakes, you can see my recipe here and my buttercream recipe here. To make the diddy hats I used Black Squires Kitchen Florist Paste and rolled it out nice and thinly using shortening (Trex). By using shortening I’m avoiding the dusty white marks that cornflour or icing sugar would leave. I then used a 2cm square cutter to cut out little squares and I left them to firm up on a sheet of foam. I use foam that is dimpled one side so I […]