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Guitar Cake Tutorial

6th June 2016

This blog post contains affiliate links for some of the products I used to make this guitar cake so, if you wish, you can view and buy them too. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel right here! When I was first asked to make a guitar cake it was for my boyfriend’s brother, Jamie (a secret, local John Mayer) and there wasn’t a guitar cake tutorial so I just went for it! Some years, and guitar cakes, down the line and I thought I’d show you the process of making a guitar from cake- here’s hoping it helps! The latest guitar, for Paul’s 40th, had to be life-size… I was like yeeaaah that’s fine, no problem at all. Paul’s wife gave me LOADS of photos then it came to making the template and I was like oh my god do I actually know the size of this guitar?! *Enter Jamie* Me: “Erm Jamie do […]