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Beyoncé Lemonade Cake

10th May 2016

Man oh man… Beyoncé! I LOVE that woman! She’s next level talented, beyond beautiful, business minded as well as being a mother, and she’s as fierce as they come!! When Beyoncé dropped Lemonade on the world the Beyhive literally combusted and I HAD to go out and buy lemons and make my own lemonade, don’t know why, just had to. Then I HAD to make a Beyoncé Lemonade cake. During the video I added/squeezed/forced in all the track titles from Lemonade which is why it’s weird. as. hell. If you can’t do slightly awkward then honestly don’t even watch it- I used the track title “Daddy Lessons” *gag*. If you like the album and can lol at awkward then by all means, have a watch. I have put out a warning though. This cake was so much fun! It was care free and just… fun!! As always, keep everything chilled, espesh when you’re carving! You can also use the same […]