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How To Make A Crystal Ball Cake

5th April 2016

How to make a crystal ball cake

The dreaded sphere of cake! How?! How do you ice a BALL of cake??? I am going to take you through the process step-by-step whilst I show you how to make a crystal ball cake. I will include affiliate links for the equipment I use myself so if you need it you can get it. To bake the cake it will help a great deal if you get yourself some sphere tins. This link is for one tin only, if you want to bake both halves at the same time, you will need to buy two tins. These tins are tricky to line. The best way to do it is to brush cake release all over the inside of your tin and then use two strips of greaseproof placed across your tin as some leverage if you need to ease the cake out. The cake release should do a good enough job that […]

How To Pipe The Perfect Two Tone Swirl

5th April 2016

I think how to pipe a two tone swirl should be one of the first things you learn when mastering the art of cupcake decorating. They are surprisingly simple but look beyond impressive and are a great way to wow everyone! The key to getting great buttercream swirls on your cupcakes is to start with the best buttercream recipe ever! Introducing the beeeeeeest buttercreeeaaaam recipeeeee EVERRRRR (say that like the guy off the X Factor and you’ll know how I intended it!) The secret to getting your buttercream beautifully pale and fluffy is to go Jackson on it and beat it, beat it, beat it! Ideally in a stand mixer on medium to high speed for around 8 minutes. Click here for the Ultimate Buttercream Recipe. Once you’ve nailed the buttercream, you can move on to how to pipe the perfect two tone swirl! The main trick to this is having the right nozzle! […]

How To Make a Harry Potter Book Cake

5th April 2016

Harry Potter is oneofmyfavouritethingsintheentireworld and any cake I get to make that is Harry Potter themed makes me a happy chappy!

How to make a Giant Creme Egg

5th April 2016

This does not need that much explaining. It’s a massive Creme Egg, as massive as you want it! Or as massive as Easter eggs get at least! When I was little I DREAMED of Easter eggs being filled with Creme Egg filling, or caramel, or solid chocolate… I wasn’t fussy but I wasn’t satisfied with a hollow egg for sure. Well, my friends, dreams do come true. All you need is an egg (chocolate one, obvs), fondant icing sugar, teensy bit of water, some good upper arm stamina and a little bit of yellow food colouring. The video should explain all but if you have any questions comment below! Billie xx