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No Bake Crushed Raspberry Cheesecake

5th February 2016

This cheesecake ticks so many boxes. It’s no bake! It’s entirely pink! The pink wafer biscuits are gluten and wheat free so it is officially a gluten free dessert! It’s insanely creamy and delicious! This is a dreamy mix of soft, light, creamy raspberry cheesecake with a crisp buttery sweet base, which is also pink so bonus points! Perfect for Valentines, or a gorgeous summer pudding. You could also make this a strawberry cheesecake. Just swap the jelly for strawberry flavour and crush some strawberries in the mix instead. What you’ll need 1 pack raspberry jelly (135g) 1 cup boiling water 3 packs pink wafers (300g) 100g melted butter 500g cream cheese 225g caster sugar 450g double cream 40g icing sugar (confectioners sugar) 1 cup raspberries (+ extra to decorate) Sprinkles to decorate 8″ round springform tin Method Mix the jelly and boiling water, leave to dissolve and cool whilst you make the base of the cheesecake. Crush the wafers in a food processor or use a rolling pin until they are crumbs, […]